Harry Potter tour: 10 places to visit in the UK

To get to Hogwarts, it all starts with the 9 3/4 way. Follow the Harry Potter trail through the UK.
Harry Potter Reality/Fiction

Harry Potter, a journey across the UK

Many places relate to the world of Harry Potter, from the places that inspired J.K. Rowling, to the places in the novels, to the places used for filming. Many thanks to Pauline who has informed many fanspots in the Harry Potter universe.

King’s Cross – Hogwarts, immediate departure

In Harry Potter, Harry Potter takes his first steps towards Hogwarts by crossing a pillar of the now famous King’s Cross station. In the real world, the station has now installed half a shopping cart and a “Platform 9 3/4” sign. Essential photo stop for the fans!

King’s Cross

With his summons letter in his pocket, his new wand and Hedwig in tow, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is ready to go to Hogwarts! Students will meet on platform 9 ¾ of King’s Cross station. Since the release of the saga, the premises have undergone major renovations and, unfortunately, the platforms are now only accessible to ticketed passengers. If this is your case, go to the area between piers 4 and 5 where the scenes of the film were shot. Alternatively, you can go to the level of platforms 9 and 10: just next to the Harry Potter shop, you will find a luggage trolley where you can take a photo. Be prepared to stand in line and take your picture in front of a large audience…

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A short trip aboard Hogwarts Express

The train that then takes the students to the most famous school of magic passes over a viaduct, which can be seen in several films. Viaduct found in the real world: the Glennfinnan Viaduct.

Hogwarts Express Bridge

Off to Hogwarts! The Hogwarts Express allows young wizards and witches to discover beautiful landscapes like this bridge that became famous thanks to the saga. Every year more than 300,000 visitors flock to get up close and personal with the monument. A success due, in large part, to his appearance in Harry Potter. A success which unfortunately has sometimes unpleasant consequences for the inhabitants. The parking lots are very quickly full and tourists sometimes park on the side of the road. Unauthorized parking is often a problem. And despite the fact that the saga is now over, the attendance is not decreasing. In 2018, nearly 2,000 tourists came to admire the bridge each day.

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And here at last is the school of magic

According to the Potterian canon, Hogwarts Castle is located in Scotland, in a remote location that to Muggles appears as a ruined castle. In the real world, Alnwick Castle was used as a film location.

The various halls of Hogwarts are a little bit… all over the place.

We know that at Hogwarts, the rooms and staircases are constantly moving. No wonder you have to run a little bit to visit them, then. The large room where students gather for meals and important events? It’s easy to find: it’s Christ Church, Oxford. The castle infirmary? Not far away is the splendid and prestigious Bodley Library, the best known of the Oxford University Libraries. The court? The one at New College, still at Oxford. The corridor or Harry Potter traps Lucius Malfoy at the end of the Chamber of Secrets? It is located in Durham Cathedral. The study room? She’s at Lacock Abbey. The room where the potion classes are held? To the crypts of Gloucester Abbey. The stairs leading to Maugrey Foloeil’s classroom? He’s walking around St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Hogwarts corridors

What potterhead has never dreamed of wandering the corridors of Hogwarts? A dream that becomes reality in Gloucester Cathedral. With its high ceilings, stained glass windows and characteristic floor, these corridors seem to come straight out of a fairy tale or at least a wonderful castle. In fact, Gloucester Cathedral lends its own corridors to Hogwarts. There is no need to modify anything, the place is in an exceptional state and delights the numerous fans who come to visit the place. The Harry Potter “brand” is valued at over $24 billion.

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A bridge to avoid, the mangoes are prowling around…

At the beginning of the sixth instalment of the film series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, an attack by the Death Eaters destroys the Millennium Bridge in central London. Soon after, Dumbledore meets Harry Potter in Surbirton station.

Go shopping at Diagon Alley

Where is the most mythical witch street? It starts at Charing Cross Street, eight minutes walk from Trafalgar Square. Good shopping, don’t forget to stop by the Weasley brothers!

Hogwarts Lake, as beautiful as in the movies…

Loch Shiel - Photo Wikimedia Commons by Gil Cavalcanti
Loch Shiel – Photo Wikimedia Commons by Gil Cavalcanti

Fed up with London, dark rooms, craving for fresh air? Get on the back of your favourite griffin and fly away to the beautiful Loch Shiel and Loch Eilt, which in the movies feature Hogwarts Lake. Here, magical ships rise from the depths and sirens look at you with a strange look…

Find Professor Slughorn

Hard to find that old professor, but he knows some indispensable things… To track him down, go to the south-west of England, to the village of Lacock (and take the opportunity to visit the Hogwarts study room mentioned above).


Hogwarts being a prodigious school, its classrooms had to be unusual. Lacock Abbey was able to lend many of its treasures. The vestry of the abbey has become Severus Snape’s (Alan Rickman) room, where potions are learned. While the boiler room serves as a classroom for Professor Quirrell (Ian Hart), a professor of defense against the forces of evil. The various Harry Potter books have been translated into 67 languages, including ancient Greek.

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Hunt horcruxes in Ireland

Cliffs of Moher - Photo Wikimedia Commons by Lionel Baur
Cliffs of Moher – Photo Wikimedia Commons by Lionel Baur

La falaise dans laquelle Lord Voldemort a caché l’un de ses secrets? Difficile d’accès pour Harry Potter et Dumbledord, mais facile à trouver: ce sont les falaises de Moher.

Or take a portkey to the Quidditch World Cup.

An old shoe forgotten near the cliffs of the Seven Sisters? Don’t touch her, you’ll end up far away!

Go further

Want to go further in your Harry Potter experience? Don’t forget to check out Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden!

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