Top 10 Best Musicals

Their heady rhythms remain in the memory much longer than we think, some songs are played over and over again on the radio, musicals are true icons of the cinema. Top 10.

West Side Story, La La Land, The Young Girls of Rochefort, the Blues Brothers, nobody can miss this perfectly rhythmic cinematic genre.

1. West Side Story

A rivalry between two gangs of young people, an impossible love story, sublime songs, this recipe for success is West Side Story’s recipe for success. Leonard Bernstein’s lyrical drama inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a classic of the genre. Initially a phenomenally successful show, West Side Story became a film fiction that won no less than ten Oscars and is currently being remake by Steven Spielberg. Richard’s Playground is of course a must-see in our New York guide of the 1000 cult places of films, series, music, comics and novels.

Address: 240 E 109th St #3703, New York, NY 10029, USA

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Another adaptation of a musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show holds the record for the longest theatrical release in the history of cinema. 40 years after its release, it is still in the programming of some cinemas around the world. At first a commercial failure, it is now a cult film for fans of “midnight movies”. Multiple mentions in other works make The Rocky Horror Picture Show a must-see musical. It was shot at Oakley Court in the UK. Today, this 19th century Victorian Gothic country house is a luxury hotel.

Address: Windsor Rd, Water Oakley, Windsor SL4 5UR, United Kingdom

3. The Young Girls of Rochefort

We are twin sisters, born under the sign of Gemini”… This song, both heady and mythical, is the title of the musical The Young Girls of Rochefort.

During the shooting, the teams of the film directed by Jacques Demy transformed the city in depth. Thus, the Place Colbert, where the city hall is located, is undergoing a facelift. The shutters of the houses along it are repainted, the paving stones are changed and the fountain is moved. Visitors love to stroll around Rochefort and discover the locations of the feature film. For you, we have selected six, all in our article: Top 6 filming locations in The Young Girls of Rochefort.

Rare French film to have an international success, the release of the feature film was unfortunately marked by a tragic event. Françoise Dorléac, Solange Garnier’s interpreter, died in a car accident only three months after the release of the film, while on her way to the airport to attend the premiere of the English version in London.

Address : place Colbert, 17300 Rochefort, France

4. Grease

John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, with a cast like that, Grease could only be a success. Third film of our selection adapted from a musical comedy, the story of this young high school girl in the late 1950s meeting a young gangster from the T-Birds gang is obviously reminiscent of West Side Story, with a backdrop of car racing. This feature film by Randal Kleiser was shot almost entirely in Venice High School in Los Angeles, a high school that was later used for the video of …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears.

Despite its cult status and immense success in the cinema, Grease did not win any Oscars or Golden Globes.

Address: Venice High School, 13000 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA

5. The Blues Brothers

Suit, tie, glasses and hat, except for one detail, the Blues Brothers inspired the official Men in Black outfit. It’s also a future ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd, and another “J”, John Belushi, the leaders of this world famous blues band. Filmed in Chicago, many famous actors and singers contribute to the monumental edifice that is The Blues Brothers. John Landis’ film was partly shot in the Joliet prison.

On a “mission for the Lord”, the feature film had such an impact that in 2010 the Vatican recognized the Catholic dimension of the brothers’ mission. A real cult movie.

Address: 1125 Collins St, Joliet, IL 60432, USA

6. Mary Poppins

One hell of a nanny coming down from heaven with her umbrella, pulling a thousand and one objects out of her bottomless bag, Mary Poppins is one of the world’s most memorable music films. Adapted from the novel by Pamela L. Travers, who hated the film, the feature was nevertheless a real success with the public, winning five Oscars and considered the last major work of Walt Disney.

The majority of the scenes in the film were shot in the studio. Nevertheless, places in London were used for his sets. Thus, in addition to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Regent’s Park has a special place. This is where Burt (Dick Van Duke), the chimney sweep, likes to draw landscapes with chalk.

Address: Regent’s Park, London, United Kingdom

7. La La Land

Caveau de la Huchette, 5 rue de la Huchette by Polymagou (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Caveau de la Huchette, 5 rue de la Huchette by Polymagou (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Record of awards at the Golden Globes, ex-aequo in terms of nominations with Eve and Titanic at the Oscars, La La Landis a commercial and critical success. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling play two artists who have become friends and whose paths will gradually separate, despite the promise of eternal love. Even if their idyll does not have the success they initially desired, they are happy, each on their own.

The cellar of the Huchette, in the 5th district of Paris, is the only place of the French capital to appear in the credits of the film of the French-Canadian Damien Chazelle. Sebastian plays the piano, and the musician and Mia leave it to walk the streets of the City of Light.

Address : 5 Rue de la Huchette, 75005 Paris

8. Singin’ in the Rain

The Chinese Theatre by Chris English (CC BY-SA 3.0)
The Chinese Theatre by Chris English (CC BY-SA 3.0)

“I’m Singin in the Rain” with his umbrella in his left hand, the right hand busy twirling it, Gene Kelly signs with this interpretation one of the best roles of his career. Although the original negative of the film was destroyed in a fire, Singin’ in the Rain is one of the most mythical films in the world, ranked in 2007 fifth in the top 100 films by the American Film Institute and named the first greatest musical in cinema by the same institution.

Almost the entire film was shot in a studio. Nevertheless, the Grauman Chinese Theatre is used as a backdrop when a car passes by, as well as on Hollywood Boulevard.

Address: 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028, USA

9. High School Musical

Picture of Murray High School Utah plaza (Your1727 / CC BY-SA 3.0)
Picture of Murray High School Utah plaza (Your1727 / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Very teenage, High School Musical is nevertheless a very successful musical. 225 million people around the world have seen the film from Walt Disney productions with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in the lead. With 8 awards including 2 Emmy Awards, High School Musical is a true monument.

The Murray High School auditorium scene is credited in the credits of this musical that was popular in the 2000s.

Address: 5440 State St, Murray, UT 84107, USA

10. Pitch Perfect

Warm up the vocal cords, Hit Girls are on the runway. The only female singing group in their category, the Barden Bellas must reinvent themselves to win the national a capella singing competition. Classical songs and their strict dress code would undergo a radical change with the arrival of Beca (Anna Kendrick), an apprentice DJ, imposing mashups on the band to renew themselves.

In addition to Zippy’s Burritos in Baton Rouge, the city of Louisiana is hosting his shoot. The spectators can thus discover the Greek theater in which several scenes take place.

Very funny, totally girly, with a crazy charm, Pitch Perfect holds multiple awards such as the MTV Movie Award 2013 for best actress in a comedy movie for Rebel Wilson and the American Music Awards 2013 for best songs.

Address: Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA

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