House of Rocky Balboa

Saga Rocky
Movie Rocky IV Sylvester Stallone (1985)
World heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), his wife Adrian (Talie Shire) and his brother-in-law Paulie (Burt Young) live in a luxury home in Philadelphia. A neighbor of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), his former opponent and now friend, Rocky tries to dissuade Creed from fighting Russian champion Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren).

But to beat me, he’ll have to kill me. And to kill me… he’ll have to have the heart to stand in front of me.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone)

Historically linked to the city of Philadelphia, where it all began, the character of Rocky Balboa becomes rich at the end of the second part of the saga. He then left the slums and bought a mansion on the edge of the city centre. A house actually located in Los Angeles, on Fremont Place, near the MGM, the emblematic studio of the franchise. A convenient choice for Sylvester Stallone, whose Rocky IV almost totally abandons Philadelphia. It is indeed the only part of the saga, Creed and Creed II included, not to include any scene attached to the famous steps of the city museum.

When the time came to choose the house where Rocky would live in the fourth episode, Sylvester Stallone opted for 56 Fremont Place, where many series had already been filmed. Perfectly adapted to accommodate a large logistical operation, the premises are very luxurious and totally reflect Rocky’s wealth, now on the roof of the world. The walls of the house, immaculate white, contrast perfectly with the dull grey walls of the apartment Rocky and Adrian occupied in Philadelphia. A house that the champion will have to leave to fly to Russia to face Ivan Drago.


Rocky IV is the only episode of the saga whose music is not composed by Bill Conti. He is replaced here by Vince DiCola.

Rocky's house in Rocky IV
Rocky’s house in Rocky IV. All rights crossed: Metro Goldwyn Mayer/United Artists.

56 Fremont Pl

Once occupied by silent film stars Mary Pickford and Mary Miles Minter, the house at 56 Fremont Place has become an extremely popular film location.

Covering more than 765 square meters, with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, this luxurious mansion, sometimes called the Fremont Mansion, was valued at $6,316,799.

Over the years, seve... Learn more about 56 Fremont Pl

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Friday, December 3, 2021

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