Novel Vivre vite (2022)

Vivre vite de Brigitte Giraud (Flammarion)

Vivre vite is a novel by Brigitte Giraud, published on 24/08/2022 by Flammarion. It is the winner of the Goncourt Prize 2022.

“I was magnetized by this double impossible mission. Buying the house and finding the hidden weapons. It was unhoped-for and I didn’t sense the spiral that would turn our lives upside down.
Because the house is at the heart of what caused the accident.

In a tense narrative that acts like a real countdown, Brigitte Giraud tries to understand what led to the motorcycle accident that took her husband’s life on June 22, 1999. Twenty years later, she takes a look around and probes one last time the questions that remain unanswered. Was it chance, fate or coincidence? She looks back on those days that had been packed into a series of unpredictable disturbances until they produced the inevitable. So electrified by the prospect of the move, so eager to start the renovation work, the couple had forgotten that living was dangerous.
Brigitte Giraud leads the investigation and stages Claude’s life, and theirs, miraculously revived.

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