Novel Un chant de Noël (1843)

Un chant de Noël de Charles Dickens (Folio Junior)

A Christmas Carol is a novel by Charles Dickens published in 1843. It is also known as A Christmas Carol, Cantique de Noël, Conte de Noël or Chanson de Noël.

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It is Christmas Eve, the streets are busy and everyone is happily preparing for Christmas Eve. Old Scrooge, miserly and lonely, is furious. He refuses his nephew’s invitation and locks himself in his house. Then the ghost of his former partner appears to him, soon followed by three other ghosts, each more disturbing than the last. Scrooge is dragged unwillingly into a fabulous journey through time. I have tried, through this little book full of ghosts, to give form to an Idea which must not in any way anger my readers, nor set them against each other, or against the season, or against myself. Let it haunt their homes pleasantly, and let no one ever wish it away. “Charles Dickens.

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