Comics Un chant de Noël (2022)

Un chant de Noël de José Luis Munuera (Dargaud)

Un chant de Noël is a comic book by José Luis Munuera, published by Dargaud in 2022.

Tous les fanspots de Un chant de Noël

London, 1843.

All the inhabitants, the better off as well as the poorest, are getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

All except Scrooge. In the eyes of this rich shopkeeper, insensitive to the misfortune of others as well as to the atmosphere of jubilation that bathes the city, only work and money are important.

She is said to be stingy, selfish and petty. She prefers to think of herself as practical. And while the festivities light up the town and the hearts of its inhabitants, Scrooge broods over his misanthropy…

One night, spirits come to visit him. They take her with them, to meet the young girl she was, a few years earlier, when greed had not yet eaten away at her heart. But also to the discovery of what she could have become if she had chosen the path of goodness…

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