Novel Les Croix de la pleine lune Marie-Bernadette Dupuy (2013)

Couverture du roman Les Croix de la pleine lune

Second investigation of Maud Delage, Les Croix de la pleine lune places her investigation in Villebois-Lavalette and its surroundings. Discover the places evoked in the novel.

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    Three men and two teenage girls have vanished into thin air. When one of the missing men is found dead, victim of a murder, inspector Maud Delage and her two faithful friends Irwan and Xavier have no time to lose. Will the others be murdered in turn?
    The policemen embark on an investigation that will lead them to a sect whose members are obsessed with an ancient treasure. According to them, this treasure is to be found in the underground passages of Angoulême.
    Maud must be on her guard, because the sect has chosen her to offer her as a sacrifice… Before being kidnapped, she will have had the opportunity to get closer to Irwan…

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