Comics La balance, le glaive et les fourmis (2021)

La balance, le glaive et les fourmis de Xavier Bétaucourt et Jean-Luc Loyer (Futuropolis)

La balance, le glaive et les fourmis is an album by Xavier Bétaucourt and Jean-Luc Loyer published by Futuropolis.

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    After having investigated the functioning of a hypermarket in Hennin-Beaumont in Le Grand A, Xavier Bétaucourt and Jean-Luc Loyer followed the progress of a courthouse in Angoulême, where J.L. Loyer lives, for a year. Far from the sensational images often broadcast on television, the authors show us the other side of the coin: how the 23 magistrates, the 48 clerks and the 3 directors of the registry of the Angoulême courthouse manage the 35,682 pending cases…
    Between administrative red tape and a sense of resourcefulness, between listening and punishing, the reader follows step by step the progress of justice in France, where drama often rubs shoulders with comedy, thus discovering people who are often endearing, devoted body and soul to the greatness of their profession.

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