TV show Call My Agent (2015)

Call my agent

Call My Agent is a French television series created by Fanny Herrero. Set mainly in Paris, each episode features a movie star in his own role. Follow in the footsteps of the ASK agency by discovering the filming locations of the TV show.

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Four actors’ agents, with colorful personalities and complicated personal lives, struggle daily to find the best roles for their prestigious clients. When Camille, the illegitimate daughter of one of them, arrives in Paris to look for a job, she is plunged into the hectic daily life of the agency and through her naive eyes we discover the underbelly of celebrity…

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Dix pour cent. Les dessous d'une série sur le cinéma (French Edition)

Discover the behind-the-scenes of the hit TV show Call my Agent with this book by Guillaume Evin, which tells the story behind the scenes in drawings and photos of the show, largely inspired by the memories of Dominique Besnehard, the most famous ex-star agent in France.

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