TV show Breaking Bad (2008)

Breaking Bad is an American television show created by Vince Gilligan and aired between 2008 and 2013. Follow the trail of Heisenberg’s birth through the filming locations of the TV show in Albuquerque.

Walter White, 50, is a high school chemistry teacher in New Mexico. To support his pregnant wife Skyler and disabled son Walt Junior, he is forced to work double shifts. His already gloomy life becomes downright dark when he learns that he has incurable lung cancer. The doctors gave him no more than two years to live. In order to raise a lot of money quickly to protect his family, Walter sees only one solution: to use his knowledge of chemistry to manufacture and sell crystal meth, a synthetic drug that brings a lot of money. He asks Jesse, one of his former students who has become a small-time drug dealer, to team up with him. The improvised duo sets up a mobile lab in an old camper. This unexpected association will lead them into a series of comical and pathetic adventures.

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