When Woody Allen was filming Manhattan in New York's Sutton Place Park...


Woody Allen’s Manhattan

One could call this film a comedy-drama, but the director prefers to talk about it as a drama with comic elements. Television screenwriter Isaac Davis (Woody Allen

One take for a legendary scene

Two huge ramps of lights are arranged on the Queensboro Bridge, giving the stage a special atmosphere. These are supposed to turn off as soon as daylight dawns, but the director of photography, Gordon Willis, had negotiated with the town hall to keep them on a few minutes later so that he could shoot several takes. But once the first one was executed, one of the rows died out, forcing Woody Allen to keep the only catch he had made before.

However, it is unfortunately impossible to sit in the same place as Diane Keaton and Woody Allen. At the time, there were no benches in this space, so production had to install one on its own.

If the scene’s all romance, Sutton Place Park…

Sutton Place can still be visited, unlike Elaine’s, a former restaurant located at 1703 2nd Avenue, present in the film and Woody Allen’s favourite place. Attended by many celebrities such as Leonard Bernstein, Kirk Douglas, Clint Eastwood and Mick Jagger, the establishment closed in 2011 after 48 years of activity following the death of its founder, Elaine Kaufman. Immortalized in Manhattan, the locations are also featured in Billy Joel’s song Big Shot and Stuart Woods’ short stories before appearing, in 3D, in the movie Ready Player One.

Discover all the filming locations in Manhattan thanks to our interactive map.

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By Anthony Thibault

Monday, December 2, 2019

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