Top 8 Friendly Yours locations in London

TV show

Amicalement Vôtre, a cult series

Going to London means rethinking these classics, but above all revisiting the cult locations of series such as Amicalement Vôtre. Immerse yourself in the world of Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde.

Lord Sinclair’s apartment

The apartment of the famous Lord Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore) is located in this residential area close to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. If in the series, the address mentioned is at number 53, it is in fact necessary to go to number 15 to recognize the place. Roger Moore and Tony Curtis, the two lead actors, had originally signed a five-year contract for the show but it ended up lasting only one season.

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Sam Milford Building

The building of Sam Milford (Bernard Lee), visible in the seventh episode of the series, is actually the Millbank Tower. It has had many prestigious tenants, such as the United Nations, the television channel RT UK, the archives of the Ministry of Justice and the World Bank. Roger Moore used to design the clothes of his refined character, Brett Sinclair, himself, while Tony Curtis had Danny Wilde’s clothes delivered directly from New York.

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Lomax Hideout

Posing as Lomax, Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) is led to the latter’s hideout. If the show has become so cult, it’s partly thanks to its credits. Its musical theme was written by John Barry, the composer of another legendary film score in which Roger Moore excelled; James Bond.

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Council Offices

The offices of the Council, where Jenny Lindley’s lawyer, David Conron (Richard Hurndall), is based, are in this chapel. Built in 1623, it replaced an older one, built around 1428 but which had become too small. At the same time a crypt, a place of worship or a meeting place, it also hosts concerts all year round. It is from this building that Brett and Danny leave to head for Lincoln’s Inn Fields, aboard the latter’s Ferrari Dino 246 GT. In addition to this splendid car, the series presents another mythical vehicle, the Aston Martin DBS, Lord Sinclair’s car.

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Tower of London

Brett travels to the Tower of St. Thomas, the former main entrance to the Tower of London, to meet Mary. During one of the episodes of the series, Danny Wilde answers the phone and says “Bernard Schwartz? Never heard of him!” This answer is of course wrong, since the real name of Danny’s interpreter, Tony Curtis, is actually Bernard Schwartz. Intended to be a royal residence, St. Thomas Tower was eventually used as a place of detention. Underneath it is a vault called “the door of traitors”. It was used as a prisoner’s entrance.

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Turnball and sounds (closed)

When he goes to meet the judge, Danny parks his car right in front of Turnball & Sons Barbershop. Before leaving his vehicle, he places a sign “Doctor in Intervention” on it to justify this location. Among the actors of the show are Lois Maxwell and Bernard Lee. The first plays Moneypenny in the James Bond saga and the second M, the superior of the British spy, played between 1973 and 1985 by Roger Moore.

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The Duke of York

As he is transported in a taxi after he is abducted, Danny awakens his senses to find out where he is being taken. He then hears the chime of an ice cream shop, parked right next to this pub. Founded in 1826, The Duke of York is one of London’s must-see venues. In winter, it is possible to warm up by the fireplace. Several shoots of the series were made outside of the British capital and notably in Nice, France. However, all the interior scenes were filmed in Pinewood studios.

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Thurloe Square

The two rich investigators go to this square to meet the Farmer. The place is named after John Thurloe (1616-1668), owner of the land in the 17th century and advisor to the military and politician Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658). Originally, the series was to be called The Friendly Persuaders, but this name was quickly changed to The Persuaders to avoid confusion with William Wyler’s 1956 film Friendly Persuasion.

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