Top 7 Black Mirror filming locations in London

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Black Mirror: the London phenomenon

Largely filmed in London, the Black Mirror’s filming locations become, at a cost, emblematic.

Graffiti Tunnel – Episode Trial Phase (Playtest)

In the middle of discovering London, Cooper goes through a graffiti-covered tunnel in Leake Street. This 300-metre passage was made famous by the street artist Banksy in 2008. After discovering these abandoned places, he organizes an event there and invites graffiti artists from all over the world to transform this tunnel into a real art gallery. Also known as the Banksy Tunnel, it now houses bars, museums and restaurants. In the episode, Cooper walks past The Vault, the rock n’ roll museum at London’s Hard Rock Café.

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Millennium Bridge – episode The National Anthem

The Duchess of Beaumont (Lydia Wilson), also nicknamed “Princess Susannah”, is kidnapped during the first episode of the series. Once freed, it crosses the Millennium Bridge where it collapses. The design of this bridge was the subject of a competition organised by the London Southwark Concil in 1996. Called The Blade of Light, the project selected is that of Arup, Foster and Partners and Sir Anthony Caro. Black Mirror is accustomed to using a choice cast and has notably called upon Rory Kinnear, Lindsey Duncan, Rupert Everett, Hayley Atwell and Jodie Whittaker.

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Market Cafe – Episode Trial Phase (Playtest)

Cooper (Wyatt Russell), travelling around the world, makes a stopover in London. The young man takes a break at the Market Cafe and is looking for a company for the evening on his dating application. Decorated in a very retro look, the café has a menu with Italian influences and attracts a very trendy clientele. According to creator Charlie Brooker, the title of the series evokes the dark side of the screens that are omnipresent in everyday life with televisions, smartphones and computers.

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Saint Columbus Hospital – episode Virtual Hate (Hated in the Nation)

Constable Karin Parke (Kelly Macdonald) goes to the hospital to interview the husband of Jo Powers (James Larkin), the woman found with her throat cut in his house. St Columbus Hospital is actually the City of Westminster College. It is a secondary school founded in 1904 but whose Paddington Green campus was inaugurated in 2011. His architecture won him the London RIBA Awards the same year. During each episode, the series changes settings or characters. The producers and the creator asked themselves many questions in order to establish a possible common thread, before deciding not to include any.

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Rundell Tower – episode Virtual Hate (Hated in the nation)

In search of Clara Meades (Holli Dempsey), the response team is preparing to surround the Rundell Tower building. Built in 1963, this 22-storey building has 82 apartments. The show’s creator, Charlie Brooker, is not afraid to shock his audience. In 2004, at the end of a column in The Guardian on the career of President George W. Bush, he ended by writing “John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald and John Hinckley, Jr (three men who assassinated three American presidents – in the order Abraham Lincoln, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Ronald Reagan), where are you when you are needed? The American media immediately withdrew the text and forced the columnist to apologise.

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Saint Juniper’s Hospital – Black Museum episode (Black Museum)

The beautiful New York building in which Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge) worked is actually the Senate House, located in the heart of London. During the Second World War, the building was used by the Department of Information, a government agency responsible for advertising and propaganda. Easter Egg fans? This episode, Black Museum, is full of them. In this museum of the strange, we find the USS Calister’s DNA scanner and the famous lollipop seen in the first episode of season four, the Arkangel’s surveillance tablet seen in the second episode of the same season, and the bloody Crocodile’s bathtub, stealthily visible in the third episode.

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Pool – episode Hang the DJ (Hang the DJ)

When Amy (Georgina Campbell) is swimming, she is actually in the pool at the Town Hall Hotel. Created in 1879, this establishment is managed by The Balmain Pub group, owner of several hotels around the world. Amy’s interpreter, Georgina Campbell, is also known for her roles in Krypton, Broadchurch and Brotherhood.

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By Anthony Thibault

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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