Top 10 series to survive April 1st

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April 1st, a day to spend in the series

False announcement of pregnancy, paper fish in the back, farting cushion on his armchair, April 1st is always an ordeal for those who suffer the jokes. Here are 10 sets to have a good time out of this hellish day.


Watching the entire Friends series again will take more than a day, but at least the different gags will make you really laugh. Don’t you know that cult show? April 1st is your chance to catch up and finally understand why a duck and a chick live in a New York apartment.

La Casa de Papel

Fearless robbers, flawless plan, frantic pace, certainly these words don’t really describe an ideal day, but they are in any case what best sums up this perfect series for spending time without being constantly bothered by tasteless publication sharing.

Chewing Gum

The best series on sexuality, but above all terribly funny. Tracey’s story and her love affair make Chewing Gum the perfect series to relax and enjoy a quiet day.

Carmen Sandiego

Thirsty to learn? Feel like an adventure? Carmen Sandiego combines encyclopedic knowledge with a fearless adventuress that we love to follow. Yeah, it’s a cartoon. No, it’s not just for kids!

Black Mirror

Future dystopian, domination of machines, psychological disturbance, this does not describe life in 2020, but the event series Black Mirror. If you don’t know, catch up immediately and once your task is accomplished, immerse yourself in the interactive Bandersnatch episode for an adventure in which you will be the hero… Anyway, um…

Arrested Development

As Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) puts it so well: “You are all hopelessly disappointing, but you are my family. “A saying that says a lot for a series that delivers on its promises. This award-winning comedy promises to give you a good laugh and a good rest, and is a great way to get some rest.


Gossip Girl’s lead actor, Penn Badgley, delivers a psychedelic interpretation of a transient lover prey to a seemingly nightmarish and terrifying obsession. A show not to be missed.


A family conspiracy among the Carringtons and Colburys against a backdrop of wealth control, the modern reboot of the cult 1980’s series seems to be the perfect opportunity to revise its classics and plunge into the heart of a merciless universe.

Russian doll

Living and reliving your death is awful. When you take this experience lightly, unfiltered and with rage, you get a fabulous, full of intensity series to fill a day that can seem far too bland.

Walking Dead

Do you get the impression that people celebrating April 1st are real zombies of the joke? Instead, look at real undead and characters in the worst fears. These have nothing to do with a simple paper fish or a glass of water balanced on a door. Arm yourself with your favorite bat and feel a real thrill.

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By Anthony Thibault

Monday, March 25, 2019

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