Top 10 series to see after a breakup

After a breakup, a good series

A jar of ice cream, a good plaid, a few tissues and a good set, the perfect combination to recover from a break-up. From You to Gossip Girl, discover these shows that do good where it hurts.

Gossip Girl

Manhattan’s golden youth has no shortage of love stories. Completely messed up like Serena and Nate, in “It’s complicated” status between Blair and Chuck to those we don’t want to see like Dan and Georgina, we can’t count the mix-ups in all couples and the more or less painful break-ups. But to see all this commotion, it’s finally doing a lot of good. And to prolong the experience, follow in the footsteps of the two special Paris episodes with the guide to the 1000 cult places of films, series, music, comics and novels!

Do you think your ex is an unhealthy person? Probably a lot less than Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). Obsessed with Beck (Elizabeth Lali) whom he barely knows, he tries to do it all by removing every obstacle standing in the way of their romance. Scary, but comforting. Well, maybe…

Pretty Little Liars

What’s wrong with Rosewood? Four normal girls facing murders, kidnappings and other mysteries that never happen even in a huge metropolis… In terms of romance, romance is just as complicated as their mental health. Aria and Ezra, Hannah and Caleb, Spencer and Toby, Emily and Maya or Paige, all of her couples have experienced many torpores, and some even burst into full flight. Delec-ta-ble. Join them by clicking here!

New Girl

That’s the starting point of the series: a painful breakup. Jess, a nice school teacher, catches her boyfriend dancing the fox trot without panties with another one. Jess leaves her home and finds herself sharing a flat with three boys, all as wild as each other. Between a manic seducer with a mania for cleanliness, a failed basketball player and an unambitious barman, the roommate promises to be complicated. Or not. For despite their faults, the three friends are still there for their sparkling but a bit weird friend. Jess’s building? He’s right there!

Doctor Foster

Everything seems perfect for the ever-looking GP, except for the day she discovers a blond hair that doesn’t belong to her on her husband’s scarf. It doesn’t take much more than that for the nice practitioner to become an avenger who will make her unfaithful husband go through hell. It’s a great way to find out how to pay him back.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A summer romance normally doesn’t commit to anything. However, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) has not forgotten Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez). When he leaves New York for West Covina, she decides to give up her job as a lawyer to follow him. Excessive hair? Nooooooo.

Jane the Virgin

The myth of the Virgin Mary revisited in this series. On the verge of marrying Michael (Brett Dier), Jane (Gina Rodriguez) accidentally finds herself pregnant, inseminated while still a virgin. Oops?

Love setbacks, wild friends, Friends learns two things in life. Friends are important and love is sometimes found where you least expect it. Whether it’s someone you’ve known forever or a stranger you met on the street. Even though there are many break-ups, Friends knows how to give hope and friends! Go to New York and meet in front of the Friends building! A must-have.

How I Met Your Mother

Nine seasons of love woes for poor Ted Mosby, who’s just trying to find the perfect woman to be the mother of his children. It sounds long, but it teaches you that sometimes you have to make mistakes before you find the right person. And that’s the lesson. Find the locations of your favorite heroes here or in the New York guide of the 1000 cult places of movies, series, music, comics and novels!

Reign: The Destiny of a Queen

You think you’re in trouble? Look at the story of Mary Stuart. His uncertain marriage, the rather shaky alliance between Scotland and France, the attempted murders and other intrigues… If one of the most controversial queens in history can get out of any situation, so can you!

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By Anthony Thibault

Monday, June 24, 2019

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