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Vancouver is an amazing city. Situated on the Pacific Rim, the Canadian city and its surroundings host about 10% of Hollywood film shoots, but also a very large number of American series, earning it the sweet nicknames Hollywood North and Brollywood. Let's have a look around.
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Vancouver, city of series

Vancouver is regularly used for film shoots, but also for a very large number of series. Discover this surprising city through your favourite series.

Once Upon a Time

Originally scheduled to take place in Storybrooke, the series is now based in Vancouver. To be perfectly accurate, most of the outdoor scenes are shot in Steveston Village, near Richmond. Examples include the Storybrooke Post Office at the site of the Steveston Visitor Centre, or the Storybrooke coffee co instead of the Steveston coffee co. During the filming, most of the brightly coloured objects (such as flowers, posters and other decorations) were removed to reinforce the dullness of Storybrooke’s history. A true fairy tale…


The most American hero in Canada? It’s true, though. While the famous Superman is supposed to spend his childhood on a farm in Kansas, this is not the case in Smallville, since the series set up these neighborhoods in Vancouver. No less than two Vancouver high schools refer to Smallville High, while a farm in Aldergrove, a suburb of Vancouver, serves as a film location for the famous Kent farm. From Kansas to B.C., it’s only a short step.

All 100

100 exiles, only one city. The adventures of the 100 prisoners sent on a reconnaissance mission to a desolate and dangerous land take place in the real world in Vancouver. The Canadian city serves as the filming location for this event series. Let’s hope the exiles don’t set the city on fire.

X-Files: On the Frontiers of Reality

The first five seasons of one of the most frightening series in the history of television were shot in Vancouver. One of the X-Files’ favorite filming locations was the Vancouver forest, which was used to represent a forest in Puerto Rico as well as in Siberia. No less than 22 episodes have used this one for scenes that send out wood.


Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, three very different shows? Not so much. If you look at the aerial view of their respective cities, you will notice that they are identical. In fact, the producers of these series use the same image bank for outdoor views. On the other hand, Riverdale High School is Lord Byng High School in Vancouver and Archie’s house and Betty’s house are also in the same town. A good Archie series.


Lucifer, the fallen angel who took up residence in Los Angeles, was filmed in the Canadian city from season one to season three. The investigations of the former guardian of the underworld, accompanied by his policewoman and favourite murderer Chloe Decker, are therefore taking place in Canada instead of California. On the other hand, when Lucifer goes to Las Vegas, we find very clearly places from Vancouver, like the Westin Bayshore. Another paradise.

Arrow / Flash / Supergirl

Star City, Central City, National City, three superhero cities that are just one: Vancouver. Although most of the filming takes place indoors in the studio, many of the outdoor scenes are shot in the Canadian metropolis. Other cities are used as a set, however, since the Queen Tower is located in the business district of Brussels, the Supergirl pilot was filmed in Burbank, where Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman were shot, and some scenes from Flash were captured in Portland. Real globetrotters, these superheroes.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Freshly arrived on Netflix on October 26, 2018, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina normally has its place at Greendale, not far from Riverdale and Salem. This is half true when we know that the Riverdale location is actually close to Vancouver. Greendale’s sets feature landscapes of the real city of Cloverdale, including Cerberus Books, the strange Dr. Cerberus’ bookstore where Aunt Hilda worked for a while. Finding this town wasn’t rocket science.


No, they’re not Apple-made zombies. Olivia Moore, the zombie forensic doctor, inherits the mental and physical abilities of the dead whose brains she ingests, and uses her “gifts” to help Lieutenant Clive Babineaux solve criminal investigations throughout Seattle, actually in Vancouver. Might as well say she doesn’t have a slow brain.


Hunting supernatural creatures could only bring our two heroes Sam and Dean Winchester to British Columbia. At the wheel of their 1967 Chevrolet Impala, the two brothers investigate paranormal phenomena in order to track down the demon responsible for their mother’s death. Scheduled to take place in the United States, the series involves Canada, including the city of Vancouver, filmed for the occasion as it should be. Not so supernatural a phenomenon.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

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