Top 10 Peaky Blinders locations

TV show

Peaky Blinders: a British affair

To take us to the Birmingham of 1919, the series travels across England in places or landscapes each more beautiful than the next. Top 10.

Black Country Living Museum in Dudley

Located 16 kilometres west of Birmingham, this open-air museum is a real journey through time for visitors. All the historic buildings have been rebuilt and some trades come to life within these walls during a visit. So it’s normal that the historical series installs its cameras there. Upon entering this museum, you can easily recognize Charlie Strong’s scrap metal store, the Canal Street Bridge and St. James School.

Port Sunlight, Merseyside

Don’t look for Aunt Polly’s house in Sutton Coldfield outside Birmingham, it’s actually in Port Sunlight. This village built between 1899 and 1914 was specially designed for the workers of the Lever Brothers soap factory. A hamlet under the sign of cleanliness, the name Sunlight comes from the favorite brand of cleaning agents of the factory founder, William Hesketh Lever (1851-1925).

Arley Hall, Cheshire

A veritable piece of living history with its impressive fireplaces, intricate stained glass windows and stunning decoration, Arley Hall is a place apart, a must see and a must live. Often hosting weddings, visitors and gourmets, Arley Hall is also regularly filmed. In addition to Season 3 of Peaky Blinders, the complex has hosted The Voice UK, Coronation Street, Close To The Ennemy, Our Zoo and numerous Disney Channel shows.

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

An eight-kilometre long historic railway line linking the Worth Valley and the Town of Keighley, enthusiastic volunteers regularly organize locomotive rides from various eras, concerts and tastings for the enjoyment of visitors. This equipment is therefore perfect for the frame of the series.

St. John’s George’s Hall in Liverpool

A sumptuous party is organized in this equally fantastic building. Privileged filming locations in Liverpool, the St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg. St. George’s Hall has been Grade I since 1952, making it a historic building of outstanding interest. Used for weddings, conferences or other events, the building is a must stop on a visit in the footsteps of Peaky Blinders.

Town Hall in Manchester

Inspector Campbell (Sam Neill) visits Winston Churchill (Andy Nyman). This meeting is partly filmed at Manchester City Hall. This gigantic neo-Gothic monument was built in 1877 with a clock tower dominating the building from the top of its 85 meters. Its resemblance to the Palace of Westminster has earned it regular screen appearances. Peaky Blinders but also the State of Play series, A Very English Scandal, the films Ali G Indahouse, Sherlock Holmes and Victor Frankenstein have all benefited from the exceptional architecture of this building.

Victoria Baths in Manchester

Turning an old swimming pool into a horse fair is done. In the series, the floor of the superb Victoria Baths complex was covered with sawdust to accommodate an exhibition of equidae. Opened to the public in 1906, the Victoria Baths were the first in 1952 to install Jacuzzis. Now used for various events, Peaky Blinders has turned it into a filming location on horseback between events.

Formby Beach

During an intense scene between Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, Formby beach was also immortalized. With its pine forests and surrounding lakes, Formby is very popular with the English and its beach is regularly stormed from May to September.

Powis Street in Liverpool

Powis Street is home to a very important place, probably the most iconic of the series: Watery Lane. The Shelbys’ headquarters and illegal betting office are located in this fictitious street, the opening scene of season 1 with Thomas Shelby proudly on his horse. For Beatles fans, the parallel street is home to Ringo Starr’s birthplace at 9 Madryn Street.

London Road Fire Station in Manchester

Numerous outdoor scenes were shot around the former Manchester Fire Station. Opened in 1906, it also housed a police station, an ambulance depot, a bank, a mortuary and a gas meter testing station. The building is now undergoing a complete refurbishment, with a project for a hotel, cultural spaces and coworking.

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