Top 10 Mythical Movie Objects


The objects of our heroes

Everybody has, one day, dreamed of dressing up or owning an object as their favourite character. Make your dreams come true with this top.

1- Norbert Dragonneau’s scarf in Les Animaux Fantastiques

The sympathetic magician-zoologist rarely leaves his scarf, still in the colours of Hogwarts, his home at Hogwarts. There’s nothing like putting on this fabric to follow in the footsteps of your favourite fantasy animals.

2- Agamatto’s eye in Doctor Strange

Powerful artefact, stone of time but also beautiful object, Agamatto’s eye will know how to bring you the right one and make your entourage jealous.

3- The Jurassic Park T-shirt

The most famous and incredible amusement park can only have a T-shirt with its cool, vintage and so pop! A small wink is addressed to him in Jurassic World when Lowery (Jake Johnson aka Nick Miller in New Girl) proudly displays him in the command center of the new park.
4- The Ball of Alone in the World

A simple balloon can become the best friend of your life. At least that’s the role Wilson played for Chuck (Tom Hanks) for almost four years. A bloated story.

5- The Unique Ring of the Lord of the Rings

You won’t be able to become invisible or gain incredible powers, but the not-so-unique ring from the Lord of the Rings is a great item to wear as a pendant or on your finger! My precious…

6- The spinning top in Inception

You doubt you’re in a dream? You can’t tell what’s real anymore? Use this top to help you know the truth. “The dream seems real when you’re in it, it’s only when you wake up that you realize there was something strange about it… “

7- The Harry Potter glasses

Harry Potter never leaves his round glasses, and that’s what makes him so unique. Beware if you break them, a simple Oculus Reparo will unfortunately not be enough.

8- Spider-Man’s web launcher

Before you set off across New York City hanging from the huge buildings, consider that this web-thrower will not be as strong as the spider-man one. On the other hand, to put on your friends, it’s perfect.

9- The Ghostbusters Sticker

This sticker will act as a reminder. If you see anything strange, who are you going to call?

10- Amélie Poulain’s music box

Dance the waltz to the rhythm of Amélie Poulain’s famous music while listening to the sound of this superb music box.

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By Anthony Thibault

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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