Top 10 locations in the saga Serial (Bad) Weddings

Barely the second film Serial (Bad) Weddings released in theatres in May 2019, a third part has already been announced. To be patient, here are the filming locations of the saga to see absolutely.

A saga on the way to becoming a cult, Serial (Bad) Weddings and Serial (Bad) Weddings 2 do not hesitate to use many prestigious locations for their shots.

1. The Grand Colbert

Grand Colbert - Serial (Bad) Weddings
Grand Colbert – Serial (Bad) Weddings

Claude (Christian Clavier) and Marie (Chantal Lauby) Verneuil look forward to meeting their youngest daughter’s boyfriend, a good Catholic as they hoped. But when they discovered it, these “Old France” parents were shocked. The façade of this famous brewery founded in 1900 is listed in the register of historical monuments. The interior is equally remarkable, with its large room with six-metre high walls, carved pilasters, Pompeian style paintings and mosaics on the floor.

Address: 2 Rue Vivienne, Paris, France

2. La Gentilhommière, the main filming location for Serial (Bad) Weddings

It is in this mansion, a few kilometres from Paris, that the main scenes of both films were shot, since it is the Verneuil’s residence in Chinon. Built in 1830 in a park with multi-centennial trees, it is impossible for visitors not to recognize the building. Questioned by France 2, the owner is amused that old portraits of her family, hung in the entrance hall, have become an integral part of the decor on the screen. It is possible to spend a night in this superb residence thanks to the Airbnb site.

Address: 560 Rue de Feucherolles, Orgeval, France

3. Monplaisir Cellar

Monplaisir Cellar Chinon - Serial (Bad) Weddings
Monplaisir Cellar Chinon – Serial (Bad) Weddings

The famous wine tasting scene takes place in the Monplaisir cellar in Chinon. If the Verneuil family is supposed to live in Chinon, few scenes, except aerial views, were shot in the city of Touraine during the first opus. When the announcement of a second part was made, the town hall and the Chinon wine union contacted the production and paid €12,000 under the condition that they would shoot at least three scenes within the city walls. Thus, the Monplaisir cellar was able to benefit from this unique spotlight.

Address: 57 Quai Pasteur, Chinon, France

4. CMV Bank

CMV Bank - Serial (Bad) Weddings 2
CMV Bank – Serial (Bad) Weddings 2

Claude Verneuil goes to an appointment with his banker in the establishment. The latter tells her that he will soon leave and that the agency will close. Claude takes advantage of this opportunity to devise a plan aimed straight at Chao. The address actually houses an antique store that has seen its facade completely redesigned for the shoot.

Address: 55 Place du Général de Gaulle, Chinon, France

5. Chenonceau Castle

Chenonceau Castle - Image by Laure GREGOIRE from Pixabay
Chenonceau Castle – Image by Laure GREGOIRE from Pixabay

To make their sons-in-law love France, the Verneuils organize a grand tour of the wonders the country has to offer. Among them, the castle of Chenonceau is in the spotlight, mainly the gardens of Diane de Poitiers. The building is usually resistant to filming, but according to the management of the castle, the teams were welcomed free of charge and on an exceptional basis, on the sole condition that visitors could take photos freely with the members of the cast.

Address: Chenonceaux, France

6. Piscine Molitor, brief appearance in Serial (Bad) Weddings 2

Molitor pool - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Molitor pool – Photo credit: Fantrippers

Viviane (Tatiana Rojo) video phone to Nicole (Claudia Tagbo). This one is at the Molitor pool, where they first met. Nicknamed “The White Liner”, this Art Deco pool was the first, when it opened, to combine an indoor pool and an outdoor Olympic pool. Closed in 1989, for a while squatted by the Parisian underground, it has been hosting a hotel since 2014 that has kept the cachet of the place.

Address: 13 Rue Nungesser et Coli, Paris, France

7. Chinon train station

Chinon station - Serial (Bad) Weddings 2
Chinon station – Serial (Bad) Weddings 2

The sons-in-law arrive at Chinon station, welcomed by their in-laws for a discovery of France and especially Touraine. Philippe de Chauveron, interviewed by the SNCF, recounted the experience of filming in the train. In a very short window of time, the journey between Paris and Tours taking just over an hour, the crew had to film the two scenes written by the director, taking into account the different stops in the station, the passengers and the rolling of the train. A perfectly accomplished feat.

Address: Chinon, France

8. Avilex plant

Avilex Plant - Serial (Bad) Weddings 2
Avilex Plant – Serial (Bad) Weddings 2

In their mission to decide their sons-in-law to stay in France, the Verneuils show the Avilex factory for sale for “a symbolic euro”. Supposed to be located in Chinon, this plastic manufacturing company is actually based in Chambray-lès-Tours. If the film is a huge success in France, in Anglo-Saxon countries, the feature film as it stands will never be broadcast. TF1’s international director for international negotiations, Sabine Chemaly, said that Americans have a very different cultural approach than the French and could never afford to “laugh at blacks, Jews or Asians.” A remake is envisaged to make it more in line with the Anglo-Saxon vision.

Address: 19 Rue Jean Perrin, Chambray-lès-Tours, France

9. The Dome, theater in Serial (Bad) Weddings 2

Théâtre Le Dôme Saumur - Photo Wikimedia Commons by David Berardan
Théâtre Le Dôme Saumur – Photo Wikimedia Commons by David Berardan

In front of the Dôme de Saumur theatre, Charles (Noom Diawara) is surprised to see that Othello will soon be represented. The director comes out at the same time and offers him an audition for the title role, Othello, known as the Moor, a Venetian general. Built in 1866, the sublime hall briefly seen in the film is also open to visitors. Opera, dance, theater, Le Dôme is a cultural high place of the city of Saumur.

Address: Place de la Bilange, Saumur, France

10. Gare de l’Est Armory

Gare de l'Est Armory - Serial (Bad) Weddings 2
Gare de l’Est Armory – Serial (Bad) Weddings 2

Feeling in danger in France, Chao buys nunchakus in this Parisian armory. Open since 1959, the store offers a wide range of weapons from knives to pistols, swords and, of course, nunchakus.

Address: 144 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris, France

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