Top 10 items back to the future

Doc and Marty travel time with a DeLorean, the mythical car of a saga that is just as much. Check out our top 10 back to the future cult items.

From Marty’s watch to the sports almanac, you too go on crazy adventures in the footsteps of Back to the Future.

Play it like Marty with these 10 cult objects from Back to the Future

1. Marty McFly’s watch

Marty McFly’s famous Casio calculator watch decides to ring when it is 1955. A strange noise for such an anachronistic object, fanning the curiosity of old Lou, owner of the café in Hill Valley Square. With this watch, you’ll never be late or running out of time again.

Watch Marty McFly Casio CA-53W-1ER
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Watch Marty McFly Casio CA-53W-1ER

Previewed in the film Back to the Future on the wrist of Marty McFly, this watch Casio CA-53W-1ER has entered the legend.

Everything is there, alarm, calendar, calculator, waterproof case, stopwatch, this watch with high quality black plastic bracelet 21 cm in length and 20 mm in width with a clasp ardillon loop is a “must-have” for any fan of the saga!

2. The Almanac of Sports

“Remember? The almanac of sports. Marty discovered the secret to Biff Tannen’s success, since he had the same idea when he visited 2015. Without implementing it. Not sure you can become the richest man in Hill Valley with it, but it’s one of the most cult items to own. Don’t burn in a bucket.

Sports Almanac back to the future
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Sports Almanac Back to the Future

Become as rich as Biff Tannen, you too get the almanac of sports.

All the sports results from 1950 to 2000 condensed in an almanac equipped with an “antique”, a jacket, to protect it from the dust 😉

Product imensions: 6.14 x 0.36 x 9.21 inches

3. Marty’s cap

2015 is a very pop year, in the colors of the cap that Doc gives To Marty to make him look like his son. Splendid headgear, whether in rainy weather or to throw it violently during a fight against Griff, it will delight you. And no one will call you a “wimp.”

4. THE OUTATIME license plate

Exceptional car, exceptional plate. The car is literally out of time, and this custom plate proves it. Be careful, however, to hang it well so as not to lose it at the slightest time jump.

OUTATIME license plate Back to the future
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OUTATIME license plate Back to the future

The OUTATIME license plate back to the future for your DeLorean.

At the standard size of a U.S. plate (30.5 x 15.2 cm), this OUTATIME license plate is perfect for your DeLorean. Or your living room.

5. The jacket

This one does not come with an automatic drying function, but just wearing it, it feels in 2015. Well, more so in the future.

6. A Hill Valley Telegraph Newspaper

Want to hear fresh news from the past? Read the Hill Valley Telegraph announcing Biff’s race win. Who knows, maybe the front page will change?

7. The Hoverboard

Be careful, this one is a replica, do not try to escape your pursuers aboard this machine. You may end up with your beak in the water. But to decorate your little home, nothing beats this splendid Hoverboard. Expect to lend it.

8. Marty’s shoes

Well, they’re replicas and they’re not automatically laced, but they say right away, “Yes, I’m travelling back in time in a DeLorean.” It’s the foot.

9. Mr. Fusion

Don’t try to put an old banana and a can of soda in it to refuel, at the risk of others taking your Mr. figurine. Fusion for a trash can.

10. La DeLorean

Model, of course, but DeLorean all the same. 88 miles per hour won’t be easy, but you still have the option to take the train with it! Even if “By all the underworld, no one will ever be so eager to arrive.”

DeLorean 1955 version Back to the Future
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DeLorean 1955 version Back to the Future

On the way to the future (or the past) with the 1955 Version DeLorean!

Metal replica ‘Die Cast’ and plastic injected 1/24, length about 18cm.

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Sports Almanac back to the future

Almanach des sports Retour vers le futur

Devenez aussi riche que Biff Tannen, vous aussi procurez-vous l’almanach des sports.

Tous les résultats sportifs de 1950 à 2000 condensés dans un almanach muni d’une “antiquité”, une jaquette, pour le protéger de la poussière 😉

Dimensions du produit : 15.6 x 0.91 x 23.39 cm

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By Damien Duarte

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Passionné par la culture pop depuis son enfance, ses références vont de Donald Duck à Batman en passant par Marty McFly. Fantripper dans l'âme, voyager sur les traces de Ghostbusters, James Bond ou des héros de romans comme Cotton Malone fait partie d'un séjour idéal et réussi !

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