Top 10 Hotels, Airbnb or B&B to sleep like a movie star


Sleep in the footsteps of his favorite movies or series in hotels, Airbnb or bed and breakfast.

From Tony Stark’s cabin in Avengers: Endgame to the Skywalker farm in Star Wars, discover places to sleep in the footsteps of your favorite heroes.

Tony Stark’s cabin in Avengers: Endgame – Fairburn (Georgia, USA)

In Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has exiled himself from all luxury and big cities to devote himself to his little family in this charming cabin lost in the middle of the woods. Recently, the premises were also used for the film Godzilla II – King of Monsters. Nearby, Africa is reaching out to you as the plains of Black Panther’s Wakanda are actually those of the Bouckaert farm in Fairburn. The perfect stay.

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Hagrid’s Cabin in Harry Potter – Ground Keeper’s Cottage, North Shire (North Yorkshire, England)

Have you always dreamed of sleeping under the protection of the friendly Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane)? It is now possible thanks to this replica of his tiny but cute house. Even if the decoration is not 100% dedicated to the world’s most famous gamekeeper, many elements evoke the Harry Potter saga. You can also find yourself in one of the Hobbit houses, located in the same complex. A place that’s not devoid of magic.

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Empire Hotel de Gossip Girl – New York (USA)

The Empire Hotel, acquired by Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), is located in New York City and is just waiting for you. Its splendid lobby, huge illuminated sign and superb rooftop bar will make you famous on the site of the most feared blogger of Manhattan’s golden youth. The opportunity to meet you near other mythical places of the series such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Plaza or Dylan’s Candy Bar. XoXo.

Skywalker Farm in Star Wars – Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata (Tunisia)

Typically the kind of place you dream about and can dream about. The Sidi Driss Hotel in Matmata is the filming location of the Lars Farm in Star Wars. The dining room, the inner courtyard or the workshop of the young Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), it’s all there. We’re almost expecting R2-D2 to show up at any moment. At two hours from this location, you can go to another legendary place: Tatooine located in Tataouine. Awesome.

House of Will Thacker in Love at first sight in Notting Hill – London (England)

To be quite accurate, it is the door next to the famous blue door of the most attractive bookseller (Hugh Grant) in Notting Hill. But what happiness to live right next to this mythical place. After the film’s release, the apartment was the object of all covetousness, reaching a value of 1.3 million pounds. The blue door was auctioned separately for charity and replaced by a common black door. But it was quickly repainted in its original color, much to the delight of fans. They can find the place again as they know it! Nearby, a stroll among the romantic comedies is a must, following the dedicated and specially designed route following in the footsteps of your favourite heroes in our London Guide to 1000 cult places of films, series, music, comics, novels!

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Hotel Scribe in Le Diable s’habille en Prada – Paris (France)

During their Parisian getaway, Miranda (Meryl Streep) and Andy (Anne Hathaway) stay in this hotel. Built in 1861, it was home to Josephine Baker in 1968. The shooting in France was done without Meryl Streep, as the actress did not make the trip. The scenes inside the rooms were therefore not shot on location but in the United States. On the other hand, the Petit Palais and the Galliera Museum, also seen in the film, are open to you!

Overlook Hotel in Shining – The Majestic Yosemite Hotel, Yosemite National Park (USA)

The dreaded room 237 is waiting for you in this hotel that hosted one of the world’s most memorable films: Shining. Although the exterior of the Overlook Hotel is the Timberline Lodge located at Government Camp in Oregon, the interior is that of the Majestic Hotel in Yosemite National Park.

Park Hyatt Tokyo in Lost in Translation – Tokyo (Japan)

Visiting Japan to shoot a commercial, Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is staying in this very luxurious hotel in Tokyo. Opened in 1995, the view is splendid, but above all the establishment owes its success largely to this film by Sofia Coppola. The glass atrium of the Peak Lounge is a must during your visit to this beautiful building. The Shabu Zen restaurant and the Shibuya district also offer nice places for a visit in the footsteps of Lost in Translation!

Wes Anderson House – Picton (Canada)

A house entirely dedicated to Wes Anderson’s filmography. Each piece refers to one of the director’s feature films. From The Tenenbaum Family to The Grand Budapest Hotel to Dog Island, treat yourself to a sensational film dive. Located not far from Toronto, you will be able to take advantage of your stay to discover a city that is regularly filmed, notably for X-Men, A Touch of Magic, American Psycho, The Handmaid’s Tale or Kick-Ass!

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Bella Swan’s House in Twilight – Saint Helens (USA)

Twilight has left its mark on a whole generation and now has the status of a cult saga. What could be better for a fan than to immerse oneself in the universe by staying in the house of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)? However, beware of vampires and werewolves!

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