Top 10 films shot in Sydney


Sydney, a city made for movies

Sydney saw the birth of Rose Byrne, Natalie Imbruglia, Hugh Jackman and Rebel Wilson. It’s only natural that many films are made there. Top 10 of these emblematic feature films.

Babe, the pig in the city

The story of a pig who became a shepherd was a real hit throughout the world and still fascinates thousands of children and adults alike. In this part, released in 1998, several scenes were shot in Sydney, such as those involving the Metro Theatre, located at 624 George Street. It’s amazing you never see the harbor.


A dystopian future, virtual reality, a red or blue pill, long coats and hallucinating fight scenes, Matrix is a film conceived by the Wachowski family that still marks many generations. Sydney figures prominently in this incredible epic. The Westin Hotel, a hotel in which Neo (Keanu Reeves) and his team are ambushed, the Forty one Restaurant in the Chifley Tower where Cypher (Joe Pantoliano) meets Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) or the Allianz Building where Morpheus and Neo land are among the mythical places. Follow the white rabbit!

Mission Impossible 2

Serial stunts, explosive chases, the Mission Impossible saga is one of the most cult. It’s only natural to go through Sydney for one of these adventures. Much of the action is filmed at the twin towers Governor Philip Tower and Governor Macquarie Tower, including BioCyte’s headquarters in the former. The mansion supposedly located in Seville, meanwhile, is actually Boomerang, on Billyard Avenue in the Elizabeth Bay district. Spain to Australia, a successful mission.

Kangaroo Jack

A kangaroo does not hesitate to thwart the plans of two pseudo-criminals. A funny and good-natured film, filmed of course in Australia. If London has Big Ben and Paris has its Eiffel Tower, Sydney has its famous opera house, which of course makes an appearance in this feature film. A movie full of twists and turns.

Superman Returns

Superman (Brandon Routh) barely catches a car. A scene shot in front of the Lloyd Rees Fountain on Martin Place in Sydney! Castlereagh Street or St Mary’s Cathedral are also part of the locations filmed for the feature film. Heroic landscapes.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The film tells the story of the origins of the most famous X-Men, Wolverine. After killing a man, James (Hugh Jackman) and his brother Victor (Liev Schreiber) run into the woods. These are actually located in Sydney’s Centennial Park. In its suburbs, Sydney has a former hospital for the insane, the Callan Park Hospital, which was used as the filming location for the sequence of the firing squad that James and Victor face. A work that has wolf in it.

Power Rangers, the film (1995)

The Rangers at the well-known waterfalls were also part of the Australian landscape, with the CentrePoint Tower serving as the venue for the final battle. Darling Harbour and McDonald’s in Tumbalong Park are also part of the scenery. Go Go Power Rangers!


A romantic, high-profile film set during the Second World War, Australia reunites Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman in a spectacular feature film. Sydney was one of the locations chosen for the filming, including the Strickland House in Vaucluse in the suburbs of the city for Darwin’s governor’s house. …that this was almost Hugh Jackman’s last film. He was rescued in extremis by Nicole Kidman, when the actor had a scorpion on his leg, which was reputed to be very dangerous. A story that has no shortage of spice.

Two Hands

Sydney is at the center of this thriller. Jimmy (Heath Ledger) is hired by Pando (Bryan Brown) to deliver a large sum of money. Except this one disappears, making Jimmy a target for the gangster and his crew. Leading Alex (Rose Byrne) on his escape, the couple tries to take the monorail to get away. Closed in 2013, this transport system consisted of a single circular line of eight stations. A story that ended at the end of the tracks.

Star Wars II and III, Moulin Rouge, Thor: Ragnarok, Alien: Covenant, Pacific Rim, Happy Feet 2, The Son of the Mask…

What do all these movies have in common? The Fox Studios in Sydney. Many feature films take advantage of these facilities to shoot incredible film productions. A step not to be missed.

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By Anthony Thibault

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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