Top 10 films shot in Deauville


Deauville and the movies

Its beach, its casino, its festival, but also its cameras, its films shot in its streets, (re)discover Deauville through the eyes of directors conquered by this small town of Calvados.

Coco before Chanel

The story of the young Coco before her rise to the rank of fashion icon told in a moving film with the talented Audrey Tautou in the title role. In this feature film, the famous Deauville beach welcomes the idyll of Coco and Arthur “Boy” Capel (Alessandro Nivola). To go further in Coco’s footsteps, the Paris guide of the 1000 cult places of films, series, music, comics and novels is a more than precious tool.

Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1

After a brilliant escape from the Prison de la Santé, Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassel) and François Besse (Mathieu Amalric) rob the Deauville casino. This scene in the film is inspired by the actual robbery of the two accomplices on May 26, 1978, which turned into a shoot-out with the police.

The Truth if I lie 1 and 2

Several times, the cast of The Truth If I’m Lying goes to Deauville. Whether it’s to park in a Rolls Royce on the beach, for an evening of “world champions” – a cult replica of José Garcia – or to drop Sandra (Amira Casar) off by helicopter in the coastal town. As good high rollers, accomplices often frequent the city’s casino.

A man and a woman

Released in 1965, it is probably the film that revealed Deauville to the world. With a sequel in 1986, Un homme et une femme : 20 ans déjà, and an epilogue in 2019, Les plus belles années d’une vie, Claude Lelouch’s work is a true declaration of love for the Normandy city. Whether it is the beach, the Normandy hotel or the racecourse of La Touques, the city reveals all its charm.

My King

A particularly moving film by Maïwenn, Mon Roi is mainly shot in Paris, but the beaches of Deauville are also part of the set. Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) remembers his love affair with Georgio (Vincent Cassel). She then remembers her holidays in Normandy.

Three men to kill

While staying in Normandy, Michel Gerfaut (Alain Delon) rescues a wounded man. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s just found himself in the middle of a settling of scores that began on the beach at Deauville. The hero resides in the hotel run by his mother, the Hotel Flaubert de Trouville, next to Deauville.

I’m shy, but I’m taking care of myself.

Pierre Renaud (Pierre Richard), a shy cashier in a big hotel, lives an incredible adventure in the company of Agnès (Mimi Coutelier). The beach of Deauville, its casino and its famous hotel le Normandy are of course part of the scenery, still as timeless as ever despite the 1978 release of this landmark film.

Bob the Blazing Bob

For the purposes of his film, director Jean-Pierre Melville decides to blow up the cash register at the Deauville casino. He gave the title role of Bob the Flamboyant to Roger Duchesne, a great actor of the 1930s to 1950s.

Normandy Hotel

If Deauville is a Normandy hotel, why not devote a film to it? Known for his comedies such as La Fiancée qui venait du froid (1983) and La Tour Montparnasse infernale (2001), Charles Nemes is known for his comedies. The establishment serves as a setting for a small weekend organised between girlfriends supposed to make one of them, Alice (Helena Noguerra), want to go out again and find love. Between misunderstandings, missed meetings and humorous scenes, Deauville plays on all sides by unveiling the hotel, the casino but also the Trouville-Deauville train station, the racecourse and the famous promenade Les Planches.

Do you love Brahms…

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Françoise Sagan, this Franco-American film chose Paris, but also London and Deauville as the setting for the adventures of Paula (Ingrid Bergman) and Philip (Anthony Perkins). In this film, the Hotel Royal is at the centre of the plot, an establishment owned by the owner of the casino, the Lucien Barrière group. The author appears on the screen as a cameo, without being credited.

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By Anthony Thibault

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

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