The locations of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit From Los Angeles to London

Follow in the footsteps of Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit

Adapted from Gary K. Wolf’s novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? published in 1981, the film, considered part of the Disney studios, mixes animation and shooting. Footage shot from Los Angeles to London.

Acme factories

Dimco Buildings in London
Dimco Buildings in London – Credit: Fantrippers

The Acme factories appear twice. The first when Marvin Acme (Stubby Kaye) is killed by a piano and the second when Roger Rabbit and his wife Jessica are kidnapped by the terrible Judge DeMort (Christopher Lloyd) and his weasels. Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) manages to free them in extremis. Bob Hoskins was assisted by Charles Fleischer in his role in front of a toon. The latter, lending his voice to Roger, went to the set, dressed as a rabbit, for Bob to give him the line. The shooting was very trying for the actor. He confided that he had hallucinations two months after the end of this one, during which he saw toons everywhere! Today, the Dimco Buildings warehouses are used as a station for the White City Bus. However, be careful when taking pictures, the buildings around are closely watched.

Address: Dimco Buildings, Shepherd’s Bush, London, UK

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Maroon Cartoon Studio

The Maroon Cartoon Studio is a true institution in Los Angeles. It is in this studio that most of the cartoons are shot, including those interpreted by the famous Roger Rabbit. In our reality it’s Red Studios Hollywood! Successively called Desilu Cahuenga Studio and Ren-Mar Studios, Red Studios Hollywood was built in 1947 on land owned since 1920 by Metro Pictures. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is considered the 34th animated film of the Disney Studios.

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Valiant Detective Agency

Scene in front of the Valiant agency in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Scene in front of the Valiant Agency in Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Credit: Touchstone Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Silver Screen Partners III

Eddie Valiant’s detective agency is located here. Roger comes to take refuge there, stalked by the weasels. Unfortunately, this building is now destroyed, just like the “Pacific Electric” building located at 1115, where Dolores (Joanna Cassidy) works. Before Bob Hoskins, Steven Spielberg’s first choice to play Eddie was Harrison Ford. Too expensive for the budget. Bill Murray was also contacted as was Chevy Chase and Robert Redford.

Address: 1130 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California, USA

Glendale-Hyperion Bridge

Chased by the weasels, Benny the cabbie, Eddie Valiant and Roger Rabbit find themselves in extremis on the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge. Built in 1927, this bridge is best known for having a small-scale replica at the Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California. The recipe for the famous “dip”, turpentine, benzene and acetone, is not by chance. These three products are usually used to remove paint stains or, in animation, to erase landscapes or characters.

Address: Atwater Village, Glendale, California, USA

Toonville Tunnel

In Griffith Park is the tunnel that leads to Toonville. It is in front of his entrance that Eddie Valiant stops to load his gun with the Mexican bullets completely “toons”. The tunnel is very familiar to Robert Zemeckis as it is here that several scenes from Back to the Future 2 were shot. In the original novel, Roger Rabbit dies and his ghost asks Eddie Valiant to find his murderer. The film is more watered down to appeal to a younger audience.

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State Cinema

Scene at the State Cinema in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Scene at the State Cinema in Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Credit: Touchstone Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Silver Screen Partners III

Eddie and Roger hide for a few moments in the State Cinema. During the news, Eddie then has an idea about the guilt of R.K. Maroon in the murder of Marvin Acme. Opened in 1938, this cinema was considered one of the most modern in its time with a capacity of 2,200 people. It has been closed several times and a final attempt was made in 1986 with the opening film Back to the Futureanother film by director Robert Zemeckis. Closed permanently in 1988, the cinema is being renovated to be converted into a pub. The film gave rise to an expression in animation cinema, “Bumping the lamp”. In one scene, Eddie Valiant repeatedly bumps into a chandelier, causing it to swing and diffuse light differently throughout the room, notably to illuminate Roger Rabbit. The presenters had to draw and redraw Roger Rabbit in a way that corresponded to the rapid fluctuations in the lighting of the scene. The team knew that the lack of effect would not bother most spectators, but they were so dedicated to their job that they stuck to it. The expression thus signifies the considerable effort for an aesthetic characteristic that will probably never be raised.

Address: State Cinema, Grays, Essex, England

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