The locations of the Disney live action film Lady and the Tramp

Remake of the 1955 animated film, the live action of Lady and the Tramp, the Disney classic, landed in Savannah, Georgia.
Reality/Fiction Lady and the Tramp

At Christmas 1909, Jim Chéri (Thomas Mann) gives his wife Darling (Kiersey Clemons) a female cocker spaniel named Lady. This little dog is everything for the couple, until their child arrives. Feeling neglected, then, by a contest of circumstance, finding herself on the street, the little dog tries to survive but keeps faith in her masters. She befriends Tramp, a stray dog with a rough manners but a heart of gold. Their adventures take them to the four corners of the city of Savannah.

Wright Square

Wright Square - Lady and the Tramp
Wright Square – Lady and the Tramp

It is on this square that the Tramp meets Bull (Benedict Wong) and Peg (Janelle Monáe), two of his friends captured by the impound man (Adrian Martinez). This small site was established in 1733 and in 1737 was the burial place of Tomochichi, an Indian chief of the Yamacraws tribe. An ally of the English, he had expressly asked to be buried among them. Placed under a stone pyramid, his tomb was demolished when the Central of Georgia Railroad wanted to erect a memorial to William Washington Gordon, the company’s founder, in 1882. In 1899, Gordon’s daughter-in-law, Nellie Kinzie Gordon, requested the construction of a new monument in honour of the Indian chief. Thus, a huge rock took its place in his memory.

Address: Wright Square, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Johnson Square

Johnson Square - Wikimedia Commons photo by Jennifer Morrow
Johnson Square – Wikimedia Commons photo by Jennifer Morrow

It is in this small park that the Tramp steals a sandwich from the hands of a man sitting on a bench and gives it to two puppies. Considered one of the oldest and largest squares in Savannah, Johnson Square was developed in 1733 and named after the Royal Governor of South Carolina, Robert Johnson, to honor his assistance in the expansion of the colony. The Disney live action movie has a particularity, the dogs used for the main roles are real animals collected in shelters. Monte, the interpreter of Tramp, was going to be euthanized before being spotted for this feature film.

Address: Johnson Square, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Georgia State Railroad Museum

Georgia State Railroad Museum - Lady and the Tramp
Georgia State Railroad Museum – Lady and the Tramp

Tramp lives clandestinely in the train station of his city. In fact, it is the Georgia Railroad Museum in Savannah. Here you can admire old locomotives, wagons and even authentic machinery. The idea for the screenplay of Lady and the Tramp dates back to 1937. The Second World War put the brakes on Walt Disney’s plans and the animated film was not released until 1955.

Address: 655 Louisville Road, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Lady’s House

The pretty Lady lives in this luxurious house built in 1905. It is here, in particular, that the two cats cause chaos and provoke Aunt Sarah’s anger towards Lady. Fans will have noticed the disappearance of the Siamese song in this live action version. Since its release in 1955, this song has been judged the most cliché and racist of all Disney songs put together. It was therefore removed for this new version and replaced by a new, less offensive title.

Address: 219 East 31st Street, Savannah, Georgia, USA

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