12 filming locations of Notting Hill in London

From the famous Blue Door to the prestigious downtown hotels, here are 12 settings from the cult movie Notting Hill that you won't want to miss on your next trip to London.

From the famous blue door to the prestigious downtown hotels, discover all the settings of the cult movie, Notting Hill.

1. The Travel Book Shop

William (Hugh Grant) runs a small bookshop specialising in travel books in the heart of Notting Hill . Its blue front is easily recognizable, even if in reality the place is occupied by a souvenir shop in front of which the current owners have taken care to place the sign of the film. The store was inspired by a real Notting Hill bookstore, but it closed down about ten years after the release of the feature film due to lack of buyers. Its facade is still visible, however, at 13-15 Blenheim Crescent.

Address: 142 Portobello Road, London, United Kingdom

2. William Thacker’s apartment

William Thacker's apartment - Photo credit: Fantrippers
William Thacker’s apartment – Photo credit: Fantrippers

Attention cult place! William (Hugh Grant) and his eccentric roommate Spike (Rhys Ifans) live in this apartment whose only façade and its now famous blue door were used for filming. The interior of the apartment was filmed in the studio. This was the house inhabited by Richard Curtis, the screenwriter! After the film’s release, the apartment was the object of all covetousness, reaching a value of 1.3 million pounds. The blue door was auctioned separately for charity and replaced by a common black door. But it was quickly repainted in its original color, much to the delight of fans. They can find the place again as they know it!

Address: 280 Westbourne Park Road, London, United Kingdom

3. Kenwood House

Kenwood House - Notting Hill
Kenwood House – Notting Hill

William learns that Anna (Julia Roberts) is back in London and decides to join her on the set of her film to declare her flame. The scene seems to take place in the countryside but it was shot in the gardens of Kenwood House, a sumptuous 17th century manor house. It is located in Hampstead, a posh area in North West London. The place is open to the public and the garden is famous for its sculptures.

Address: Hampstead Lane, London, United Kingdom

4. Hempel Zen Gardens

Hempel Zen Gardens - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Hempel Zen Gardens – Photo credit: Fantrippers

Anna and William celebrate their wedding in the presence of all their friends in these beautiful gardens… Enough to give ideas to lovers ready to take the plunge. This is still a great place to walk around and relax when the sun is shining over the English capital. But it’s only for a privileged few, the place being private. It is however possible to have a look from the wrought iron gate. The scene in which William is seen walking through the streets of Notting Hill as spring, summer, autumn and winter parade by, was actually shot on the same day, with the effects of the seasons added digitally.

Address: 3135 Craven Hill Gardens, London, United Kingdom

5. Location of the accident

With a glass of orange juice in his hand, William walks with a firm step. On the corner of this street, he accidentally hits Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), a world-famous American actress, visiting London. He spills the contents of his cup on the young woman’s blouse and awkwardly invites her home to clean himself up … The drink was not really orange juice but cola, whose colour was better on the screen. A Coffee Republic coffee shop is now located at this address. Very practical for enjoying a drink… and reenacting the scene. It is also on Portobello Road that the famous market of the same name is held every Saturday, known for its antique stalls.

Address: 214 Portobello Road, London, United Kingdom

6. The Coronet

The Coronet - Notting Hill
The Coronet – Notting Hill

It is in this room that William attends a screening of Anna Scott’s latest film, Helix. The Coronet was originally a theater. Built in 1898, the building was transformed into a cinema in the 1920s. Threatened with destruction following the closure of its only room, the building was listed in 1989. Since 2014, it has been operated by the alternative theatre company “Print Room”. It was also featured in the animated series The Chronicles of Matt Hatter, as a superhero headquarters.

Address: 103 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London, UK

7. The Savoy

Savoy London - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Savoy London – Photo credit: Fantrippers

Intending to apologize to Anna and ask her to stay in London by his side, William goes to the press conference she is organizing at the Savoy. This establishment is one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. It has 230 rooms and has had its share of famous residents, including Claude Monet. Bob Dylan shot the famous video clip with the signs for the song Subterranean Homesick Blues in an adjacent street. If Love at first sight in Notting Hill is Hugh Grant’s biggest box office hit, it is only the third one for Julia Roberts, revealed in 1990 with Pretty Woman. She was the first and only choice of the production to play the heroine of the film. Hugh Grant’s name was also an obvious choice, as the duo formed by the actor and the screenwriter Richard Curtis works perfectly.

Address: Strand, London, United Kingdom

8. Rosmead Gardens

After their meal Anna urges William to jump over the gate of this garden. Once inside, out of sight, they exchange a kiss and share a romantic moment on the bench in the middle of the park … Don’t try to get in, the place is private! It is only accessible once a year during the Open Gardens Weekend in June. The famous bench on which the two characters meet was only an accessory. It was bought by a private individual and donated to a public garden. It is now located 14,470 kilometres from London, in Perth, Australia. In the park, at the end of the film, William reads Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which Roger Michell was to adapt two years later. But he fell ill and was replaced at Captain Corelli’s making by John Madden.

Address: Rosmead Road, London, United Kingdom

9. Ritz Hotel

Ritz London in Notting Hill - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Ritz London – Photo credit: Fantrippers

Anna invites William to her hotel, but he doesn’t know it’s actually a press conference. Disconcerted, he pretends to be a journalist from the magazine Chasse à courre (Horse & Hound)… The Ritz is one of the most luxurious hotels in London. Management has exceptionally allowed Roger Michell and his team to install cameras within its walls. The shooting of the lobby scenes took place between 2 and 4 am to avoid disturbing the clients. When William interviews members of the film’s cast, he meets Mischa Barton, the young actress who will be revealed a few years later in the Newport Beach series.

Address: 150 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom

10. Bella and Max’s house

William introduces Anna to his friends at his sister Honey’s (Emma Chambers) birthday dinner. The evening takes place at the home of Bella (Gina McKee) and Max (Tim McInnerny), whose house is right next to the entrance to Rosmead Gardens. You can take the opportunity to wander around the neighbourhood and admire the majestic Victorian houses by imitating the characters. Notting Hill is a cosmopolitan area, with its famous carnival taking place on the last weekend in August.

Address: 91 Lansdowne Road, London, UK

11. Tony’s Restaurant

Tony (Richard McCabe), one of William’s friends, fulfils his dream and opens a restaurant in Notting Hill. Unfortunately, after a year, he has to give up. It will be the occasion to gather the group for a last meal and for Honey to announce to everyone that she has fallen in love with Spike. There is no restaurant at this address, but a card and gift shop.

Address: 105 Golborne Road, London, United Kingdom

12. Nobu London

Nobu London in Notting Hill - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Nobu London – Photo credit: Fantrippers

William and Anna are sharing dinner at a restaurant. At the next table, a group of men noisily exchange vulgar comments about the young woman. William tries in vain to calm them down, before Anna intervenes herself and ridicules the malotrus… This establishment is part of the prestigious franchise owned by Robert De Niro and chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. The famous Japanese cook met the interpreter of Taxi Driver at the opening of La Cienega in Los Angeles. From their friendship, a project was born, leading a few years later to a chain of restaurants all over the world, notably in London, Dallas, Tokyo and Dubai. Later in the feature film, during the birthday dinner scene, the fee Anna says she will receive for her film is $15 million. This is Julia Roberts’ real stamp for Love at first sight in Notting Hill.

Address: 19 Old Park Lane, London, United Kingdom

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