The filming locations of No Time To Die

Italy, Jamaica, England and Norway: discover all the shooting locations of No time to die .
No time to die Article
No time to die Article

Opening scene

James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Madeleine Swan (Léa Seydoux) arrive in the picturesque village of Matera for a romantic getaway. Matera is an atypical place, very popular with the cinema. It is made up of troglodyte houses and buildings with whitewashed walls. Before James Bond, the village hosted the filming of Wonder Woman, The Passion of the Christ and the remake of Ben-Hur. The hotel in which the characters stay was created from scratch for the purposes of the film.

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Clash on the bridge

Caught in the hunt by Spectre’s men, James Bond (Daniel Craig) finds himself stranded on a stone bridge from which he is forced to jump. Famous for its olive oil and for its historical and cultural heritage, Gravina in Puglia was almost totally destroyed during the Second World War. It has since regained all its beauty. For the purposes of filming, Cary Joji Fukunaga’s team digitized the bridge of Gravina in Puglia to “stick” it to the troglodyte village of Matera.

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James Bond’s retirement

Free of his obligations to MI6, James Bond (Daniel Craig) lives happily in Jamaica. His past will soon catch up with him. Made famous by the actor Errol Flynn, Port Antonio is one of Jamaica’s tourist hubs. The actor owned a house there as well as several pieces of land. James Bond’s bungalow was totally built for the needs of the film. It was later dismantled. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga also invested Harbour Street to shoot the scene supposedly set in Cuba, where James Bond teams up with Paloma (Ana de Armas), a young spy.

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Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defence in the film is actually… the real Ministry of Defence! The 1958 neo-classical building is located on Whitehall. In For Your Eyes Only, this is where the case of the St. George, a British spy ship that sank at sea as a result of contact with a mine, is taken seriously. It was then decided to launch an underwater operation to recover a secret missile launching system on board the ship. In No Time to Die, Agent 007 (Daniel Craig) is heading towards the Department of Defence after parking at the corner of Whitehall Court and Horse Guards Avenue.

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Lyutsider Safin’s revenge

Lyutsider Safin (Rami Malek) tracks down those responsible for the death of his family. He then bursts into the Swans’ house on the shores of Lake Langvann in Norway. A wonder of the Dovre National Park, Lake Langvann freezes over in winter and is home to ice skating and ice fishing. No Time to Die begins with a sequence in which James Bond is absent, breaking with one of the saga’s traditions. The filming of this introduction, in the middle of a particularly warm winter, saw some of the sets built sink to the bottom of the lake as the ice melted.

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James Bond meets M

Back in the sanctity of MI6, James Bond (Daniel Craig) meets M (Ralph Fiennes) on the banks of the Thames to brief him on the progress of his mission. The Hammersmith Bridge, a remarkable structure dating from 1887, is a Grade II listed building, infamous for being the scene of an IRA attack on 1 June 2000. No Time to Die only lingers for a short time in London, preferring to exploit the landscapes of countries such as Norway, Jamaica or the Faroe Islands. At 163 minutes, the film is the longest of the entire saga.

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Escape of James Bond and Madeleine Swan

Spotted by Lyutsider Safin’s (Rami Malek) men, James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Madeleine Swan (Léa Seydoux) escape in extremis from the latter’s house. They then transit the spectacular National Road 64. Also known as the Atlantic Ocean Road, this ribbon of asphalt spans several islets over a distance of 8,274 metres. Its most famous section gives the impression of jumping into the void. No Time to Die is the third James Bond film to exploit the Norwegian landscape, following On ne vit que deux fois and Meurs un autre jour.

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Lyutsider Safin’s secret base

Lyutsider Safin (Rami Malek) has taken over an island to house a gigantic laboratory where he is developing a deadly poison. Located in the north-western part of the Faroes, this island has only 80 year-round inhabitants, spread over four small settlements. For logistical reasons and especially because there was no hotel to accommodate the team, no actor made the trip to Kalsoy. The latter has therefore been digitized. On screen, throughout the last part of No Time to Die, the illusion is perfect. Cary Joji Fukunaga stumbled upon a photo of this little natural paradise on Instagram and decided to locate the final act of his film there.

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