The Batman filming locations

Head to a Gotham City more European than ever and discover the filming locations of The Batman.
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Follow in the footsteps of Batman as he fights crime in Gotham City.

Bruce Wayne, a billionaire orphan, has become a vigilante of the night in order to thwart the criminals plaguing Gotham City. After the death of the mayor, Batman begins to track down the mysterious killer calling himself Riddler.

Gotham City Central Police Station

Police chief Pete Savage (Alex Ferns) holds a press conference in front of Gotham City’s central police station following the assassination of the mayor. Hiding in the shadows, Bruce Wayne begins to hatch a plan to stop the Riddler (Paul Dano), the mysterious individual responsible for this terrible crime. Matt Reeves’ team chose to use the 2 Temple Place, one of the hidden gems of the shadows, which once housed the offices of William Waldorf Astor, the richest man in the world. Several exhibitions are now organized there. Admission is always free.

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Gotham City Hall

Liverpool has been used extensively to build the new version of Gotham City. The teams of director Matt Reeves having found their happiness among the incredible monuments of the city of the Beatles. Buildings such as the St. George’s Hall. The latter not only takes the role of the Gotham City Hall but also of the Gotham Bank. Classified as a Grande I, the St. George’s Hall faces the Lime Street train station. Designed by the architect Harvey Lonsdale Elmes, it is an integral part of the areas of Liverpool’s merchant port that UNESCO has included in the World Heritage List.

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Gotham City Police Station Summit

Detective Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wirght) often meets up with Batman (Robert Pattinson) at the top of the Gotham City police station. It is also here that the lawman installed the bat signal, this imposing projector supposed to warn the vigilante when the circumstances require it. If 2 Temple Place is the first floor of the Gotham City police station on the screen, it is the Royal Liver Building that is on the screen when the characters are on the roof, looking down on the city. Built between 1908 and 1911, this New Art style building features two clock towers topped by a statue of the Liver Bird, the symbol of the city.

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Gotham Square

Gotham Square is the beating heart of the city! Where the billboards permanently illuminate an entire neighborhood eaten away by vermin. A place reminiscent of Times Square in New York, yet found on the old continent, in England, not far from where the Beatles were once born. The heart of Liverpool, Wellington Square is located just a few meters from the shore in one of the busiest areas of the city. The square is notable for Wellington’s Column, a Grade II listed monument, registered in the National Heritage List of England.

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Iceberg Lounge

Batman (Robert Pattinson) goes to the Iceberg Lounge, one of the biggest nightclubs in Gotham City. A club where Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), a mafia godfather, and his faithful right-hand man Oswald Cobblepot, alias the Penguin (Colin Farrell), are active! A place in which one of the most spectacular confrontation scenes of the film takes place. The Printworks is a favorite spot for London clubbers and is located in the former printing plant of the Daily Mail and Evening Standard.

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Gotham Central Court House

What better place than an old courthouse to depict the Gotham Central Court House on screen? Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find the perfect place. Fully exploited, Liverpool has thus welcomed the team of The Batman, becoming almost a character in its own right. A team that used the grand architecture of the County Sessions House. The Grade II listed County Sessions House, located next to the Walker Art Gallery on Merseyside, features neoclassical architecture.

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Gotham City Cemetery

Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz) meet one last time in the Gotham City cemetery, before they go their separate ways. The first is determined to stay and fight crime while the second hopes to start over far from the city. A vibrant conclusion to the new adventures of the masked vigilante. The Glasgow Necropolis was created in 1832, following the inauguration of Père-Lachaise in Paris. Established to serve the needs of an ever-growing population, the cemetery houses more than 3,500 monuments, including the John Knox monument.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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