Stranger Things, a series that revisits cult films

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The Stranger Things series is a big hit on Netflix, and one of the great fan games is reference hunting. Immerse yourself in the films that inspired the creators of Stranger Things... And in their filming locations.

Stranger Things, a mine of easter eggs.

Stranger Things is full of references, winks and inspirations more or less based on the fantastic fictions of the 80s. “We wanted to do something similar to the movies we grew up with in the 1980s, Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter’s films in the first place, not to mention Stephen King’s books – in fact, everything that we think is the salt of those years,” says Matt Duffer, one of the two showrunners, in Télérama.

Fans spend their time tracking down these references, and some even make videos of them.

For those of you who are missing some references, here’s a little memo. And for those who, like the children of Stranger Things, would like to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of these films by visiting the places where they were filmed, click on the links!


Four broken arms chasing ghosts in New York (and eventually saving the world). A cult fantasy buddy movie for many people!


Rule N°1 : Do not expose the animal to bright light or sunlight. Rule N°2: Do not get it wet. Rule No. 3: Never feed him after midnight. Or else? He might try to devour you. Fans of Stranger Things up to date with your screenings, does that ring a bell?


In 2029, robots rebelled, but humans resist them. An android is sent to the past to kill the mother of the future leader of the humans. A human was sent to protect her. A film that marked the 80’s, and that the heroes of Stranger Things watch too.

Carrie at the Devil’s Ball (Carrie)

Stephen King’s first published book was adapted for the cinema by Brian de Palma. Same atmosphere in the paper and film versions: Carrie, the whipping boy of her high school classmates, discovers devastating telekinetic powers. One of America’s favorite teenage Halloween movies.

Indiana Jones

Four films feature the adventurer-archaeologist, but it is more towards the second film in the series, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), that the Duffer brothers turn for inspiration. In this opus, darker than the others, Indiana Jones finds herself struggling with a destructive sect in India. “We’re trying to capture some of the magic of the films released in 1984,” says Matt Duffer at IGN. To do something along the lines of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Actually, I really like Temple of Doom, I like that it’s darker and weirder than The Raiders of the Lost Ark. Even though it disappointed the audience at the time, now people look at it with tenderness. But it’s a film that has disturbed a lot of kids, and I love that about it, the fact that it traumatised the kids. I’m not saying we want to traumatize the kids, but in this second season, we want to go to something darker, weirder.”

E.T. the alien.

A nice lost alien befriends a bunch of kids on bikes. No need to draw a picture, Stranger Things and E.T. have much, much in common.

Star Wars

Lots of little Star Wars references are hidden in the Stranger Things series: Yoda’s figurine, Mike talking about Eleven’s “Jedi powers”, Lucas nicknaming her “Lando” when he thinks she’s lying… But the most obvious reference is on the promotional poster!

The Goonies (1985)

A bunch of kids on an epic adventure? Obviously, Goonies is the most obvious reference. On top of that, Stranger Things has got the actor Sean Astin, the leader of the Goonies, back for this season 2!

Stranger Things

What about the filming locations of the Stranger Things series itself, then? The series is filmed around Atlanta, Georgia.

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By Nicolas Albert

Thursday, November 2, 2017

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