Saga Rambo: from Rambo to Last Blood, in the footsteps of the most famous veteran of American cinema


Rambo, Canada to Thailand

Discover all the emblematic locations of the Rambo saga’s films around the world, from Canada to Israel and Thailand.

Rambo (Ted Kotcheff, 1972)

Entrance to the town of Hope

939 Water Avenue, Hope, Canada

John Rambo arrives in Hope, a small town on the west coast of the United States, not far from Portland. A policeman on patrol notices him immediately and decides to interrogate him, taking him for a potential troublemaker… Kirk Douglas was first given the role of Colonel Trautman. However, when the latter demanded changes in the scenario, especially regarding the ending, Stallone preferred to replace him with Richard Crena.

Motorcycle chase

Hardly questioned by the police, John Rambo manages to escape by stealing a motorcycle. He is then immediately taken in pursuit… The avenue through which Sylvester Stallone runs away on his bike has changed a lot today. The panorama, on the other hand, is the same. One can then easily find one’s way in the mountains to remember the exact spot where the hunt for Rambo begins.

The bridge

14325-14295 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows

John Rambo is speeding across that bridge in an army truck he managed to steal… The mountains in the background help to get your bearings. The bridge has changed a lot since the early 1980s. at the time overhung by a metal structure, it is now bare.

325 Wallace Street, Hope, Canada

Fully recovered after successfully routing the police in the forest, John Rambo returns to town and shoots at the police station on sight… Long since demolished, the film’s police station has been replaced by a more modern building. Note that one of the agents interrogating Rambo is camped out by David Caruso. The actor we know today for having played the lead role in the series The Experts: Miami.

Rambo 2: The Mission (George Pan Cosmatos, 1985)

Vietnamese Jungle

Sierra Madre de Chipas

Colonel Trautman proposes to John Rambo to return to Vietnam to find evidence of the presence of American prisoners on the spot . Filmed in Mexico, in the mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas and the Sierra Madre del Sur in Oaxaca, but also outside of Acapulco, including the famous waterfalls, Rambo 2: The Mission was co-written by James Cameron. Russia decided to boycott this sequel in which Rambo rubbed shoulders with Soviet soldiers. The first step was to offer a partner to John Rambo. John Travolta’s name was even put forward, but Sylvester Stallone refused. The two men had previously collaborated on Staying Alive, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever, which Stallone directed in 1983.

Rambo 3 (Peter MacDonald, 1988)

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

220 Hill Road Prison, Yuma, Arizona, USA

Mostly filmed in Israel, in the Negev desert and in Thailand, near Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Rambo 3 also used the set of the Yuma prison.

Filmed mostly in Bulgaria, this fifth episode also uses shots of the Mexican city of Tijuana. For a while, there was talk of shooting in Louisiana, but the film’s budget being rather limited, the production preferred to relocate to Europe, where costs are much lower. John Rambo’s family ranch, which was supposed to be in Arizona, was thus reconstituted in the Bulgarian countryside. Before deciding that this new episode would pit Rambo against a Mexican cartel, Sylvester Stallone considered a completely different option. Option that the actor-director exploited to make Homefront, with Jason Statham. A film that Sly didn’t direct but co-wrote. Just like the script for Last Blood, by the way.

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