Artist Patrice Leconte

Patrice Leconte (crédits photo : Georges Biard / Wiki Commons)

Patrice Leconte is a French screenwriter, director, cartoonist, writer and filmmaker.

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In his childhood in Tours, from the age of 15, he shot small amateur films. After studying at the IDHEC, he wrote some film reviews for Les cahiers du cinéma and worked as a cartoonist for the newspaper Pilote.

His first success, he owes it to the film Les bronzés in 1978. Then came the comedies Les spécialistes and Viens chez moi j’habite chez une copine. Then came Tandem, Monsieur Hire and Le mari de la coiffeuse.

He received two Césars (best director and best film) for Ridicule in 1996.

He continued with the films The Girl on the Bridge, The Man on the Train and The War of the Misses. He also directed an animated feature film: Le magasin des suicides.

It is more than 35 films that he put in box since the beginning of his professional career. His films have accumulated more than 35 million admissions.

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