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Catherine Meurisse is a comic book author and press cartoonist.

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    Born in Niort, France, on April 8, 1980, Catherine Meurisse was awarded a prize in the school competition of the Angoulême Festival in 1997.

    After studying modern literature in Poitiers and illustration at the Ecole Estienne in Paris, she was spotted by the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo. She made her debut there in 2001. She worked there until January 2015 when she was a victim of the attacks.

    In parallel to her career as a cartoonist, she has published numerous comic books such as Moderne Olympia, La vie au palais and La légèreté.

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    Les grands espaces de Catherine Meurisse (dargaud)

    Les grands espaces (French Edition)

    Catherine Meurisse grew up in the countryside, surrounded by stones and trees, and with a building site in front of her eyes: the farm her parents were renovating in order to live there as a family. A big old house that is being transformed, trees to be planted, a garden to be imagined, nature to be observed: this is how the taste for creation is born and the beginnings of a future profession are born: draftswoman. With humor and tenderness, the author recounts the paradise of childhood, which nature, art and literature, her lifelong allies, can help to preserve as well as to overcome. Les Grands Espaces tells the story of a childhood and the imagination that unfolds there, in complete freedom.

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