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Sex and the city of Paris

Sex and the city is an emblematic series in New York, but is just as emblematic in Paris. Find these places and many others in our Paris guide of the 1000 cult places of films, series, music, comics and novels.


At the lunch between Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Juliette (Carole Bouquet), her fiancé’s ex-wife, opinions are divided about the location. For the Frenchwoman, the chairs are “hideous” while the American thinks that the Kong is one of the most chic and Parisian places there is. Summum of glamour, the Kong is located at the same address as the Kenzo bubble. A world apart.

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Hotel Plaza Athénée

In the bar of this five-star hotel, home to the loves of Marlene Dietrich and Jean Gabin, Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov) offers Carrie an impressive diamond jewel. But their relationship quickly deteriorates and during the separation argument in their bedroom, the piece of jewellery breaks and the diamonds scatter on the floor. When Carrie goes down to the reception desk, she runs into Mr Big (Chris Noth) in the lobby and makes a fresh start in his company.

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Dior is one of the must-see addresses for fashionista Carrie. But she would have liked to have made a less conspicuous entrance to the Champs-Elysées shop. Going there on a rainy day, the water dripping from her red umbrella forms a puddle over which the young woman slides. She then spreads herself out all over the place with her most Frenchy “bonjour”.

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The Avenue

Sitting at a table in this chic restaurant, Carrie observes with great nostalgia four young women not far from her, reminding her very much of her small group in New York. As we mentioned in our guide Paris des 1000 lieux cultes de films, series, music, comics and novels, the establishment is located on the avenue de la capitale with the most luxury boutiques as well as the hotel Le Plaza-Athénée where the heroine resides during her Parisian stay.

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Place Saint-Sulpice

Carrie calls Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) from a grey and blue payphone to tell her that life in Paris is not as beautiful as she expected. Behind it is the splendid fountain erected from 1843 to 1848 by the architect Louis Visconti. Don’t look for the phone booth, it had been installed especially for the stage by the production.

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Jeu de Paume Museum

Overwhelmed by his exhibition, Aleksandr Petrovsky ignores Carrie all evening. Located in the Tuileries garden, this 20th and 21st century image art centre hosts numerous exhibitions on the 1,200 m2 of this building built in 1861 to house the courts of the jeu de paume, the ancestor of tennis.

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Pont des Arts

Carrie moved to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky, her Russian lover. Mister Big meets her again and finally, on the Pont des Arts, declares to her, “Carrie, you’re the one”. What could be more romantic than such a statement on this famous bridge between the emblematic Palais du Louvre and the Institut de France?

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Place Dauphine

Carrie and Aleksandr live a real moment of joy on this square embodying the romantic and luxurious Paris that the American dreams of. She is then happy that her book is selling so well in France, while she is excited about her new exhibition. Place Dauphine regularly appears in films but also in songs such as Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille by Jacques Dutronc or Nous nous sommes tant aimés by Yves Simon.

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Via Servandoni

Walking between the Luxembourg Gardens and the Place Saint-Sulpice, Carrie soaked her white pumps in dog excrement and washed them with a nearby water fountain. She’s not the first heroine to go down that road. In Alexandre Dumas’ novel Les Trois Mousquetaires, the character of d’Artagnan lives at 7 rue des Fossoyeurs (now 12 rue Servandoni) and Marius Pontmercy, a character in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, lived at 7 rue des Fossoyeurs (now 12 rue Servandoni) from 1817 to 1827.

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This establishment no longer exists: the old pastry shop has been replaced by Cojean, organic coffee, and the interior has been completely redecorated. The view on the back of the Louvre is splendid. In the show, Carrie sits next to a big dog and… smoking a cigarette inside. As a nod to history, a café called Le Fumoir is just a stone’s throw away, at number 6.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

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