New York: Top 8 Boardwalk Empire Locations

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The Boardwalk Empire stretches across New York City…

Boardwalk Empire expands its hold on New York. An opportunity to rediscover the city, a bit like with the New York guide of the 1000 cult places of films, series, music, comics and novels.

House of Nucky Thompson

This three-story mansion, known as the Commandant’s House, belonged to the Brooklyn Arsenal. Built in 1805, the building became privately owned in 1964. This is where Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) lives.

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House of Commodore Louis Kuehnle

The very chic barracks of the Seventh Regiment of the National Guard dates back to 1880 and was conceived from the outset as both a gentlemen’s club and a military building. Today, it is a place of artistic creation where you can attend many contemporary shows. The Veterans’ Room served as the interior decor for Commodore Louis Kuehnle’s (Dabney Coleman) home for the first two seasons.

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House of Albert White

The home of gangster Albert “Chalky” White (Michael Kenneth Williams) is a beautiful 24-room mansion. It was built in 1886-1887 by a wealthy brewer as a wedding present for his daughter.

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Lolly Steinman Casino

The Lolly Steinman (Danny Burstein) casino is housed in the magnificent building of the Montauk Club, a private club founded in 1889. U.S. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy have been members. The architect of the building, Francis H. Kimball, was inspired by the palaces along the Grand Canal in Venice to imagine this building completed in 1891. As the neighborhood changed, the building changed activities. The upper floors were sold as apartments, the lower floors were rented as offices. But the club still exists.

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The National Arts Club

Established in 1906 in the mansion that once belonged to former New York Governor Samuel Tilden, the National Arts Club is dedicated to promoting the arts in all their forms and has had distinguished members such as Presidents Roosevelt, Wilson and Eisenhower. The interior scenes at the Union Club where Andrew W. Mellon (James Cromwell) and Nucky Thompson meet during season 3 were filmed there.

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St. John’s of 12th Street

This popular Italian restaurant, in existence since 1908, was the meeting place for Joe “the boss” Masseria (Ivo Nandi) and Charles “Lucky” Luciano (Vincent Piazza) in the seventh episode. Rather well thought out, since during Prohibition, the establishment had converted its floors into a speakeasy. He served alcohol in coffee cups.

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Sylvan Terrace

This row of twenty dwellings was used for the brothel scenes in the first season. Located near the Morris-Jumel Mansion, the oldest dwelling in Manhattan, these wooden structures were built in 1882.

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Fresh Pond Crematory

New York’s first crematorium, in operation since 1884, is housed in this beautiful neoclassical building. The Beaux-Arts chapel and the family reception room were logically used to film a funeral scene.

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