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Manhattan to New York

At the same time, are there others? Maybe, but not as emblematic. Name of an island, name of a movie, name of a song, Manhattan evokes anything and everything, and is a prominent figure in pop culture. Discover 5 locations from Woody Allen’s film, and many more in the New York guide to the 1000 cult locations of films, series, music, comics and novels.

Sutton Place Park North

Here is the location of the world famous poster of the film, where Isaac Davis (Woody Allen) and Mary (Diane Keaton) are facing the Queensboro bridge. Don’t look for the bench on which the main characters are sitting. It had been brought specially by the production at the entrance of the park because the angle of view was better to shoot the scene!

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Museum of Modern Art

While visiting a photography exhibition in the museum with Tracy (Mariel Hemingway), his girlfriend Isaac happens to run into his best friend Yale (Michael Murphy), accompanied by his mistress, Mary. This first meeting will be fraught with consequences.

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The Lake

Isaac and Mary take a boat ride on this beautiful Central Park waterway. The place is extremely romantic. If you wish to imitate them, boat rentals are open from 10am until sunset.

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The Russian Tea Room

Isaac takes his son to dine at this must-see New York restaurant founded in 1927. The decoration, consisting of numerous works of art and antique furniture, is certainly worth a visit.

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Isaac and Tracy chat while shopping at this famous Upper West Side grocery store known for its wide selection of bagels, smoked fish and cheeses. You can even eat there or drink coffee upstairs.

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By Anthony Thibault

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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