New York: Top 10 Taxi Driver locations

Following Travis Bikle (Robert de Niro), a tormented Vietnam veteran, Taxi Driver paints a portrait of the gruesome New York of the 1970s, masterfully filmed by Martin Scorsese. Winner of the Palme d'Or 1976 at Cannes, it is considered one of the greatest films of all time.

Choose well your Taxi Driver in New York City

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Crossroads crossed by Travis

As Travis Bickle does while smoking his cigarette after his night’s work, you can follow in his footsteps there. The image was used extensively for the promotion of the film. This is also where the Show and Tell Theater, the adult movie theater Travis used to go to, was located. The building has since been destroyed.

Iris brothel

Here Travis meets the young prostitute Iris (Jodie Foster) and tries to convince her to return to her parents. The place is also the scene of the extremely violent scene in the film where Travis shoots three people before attempting suicide.

Pimp of Iris

Matthew Sport (Harvey Keitel), Iris’s pimp, used to stand in front of this door. If the door is now brown, it seems that it was painted blue especially by the production, a nod to the profession of the fictitious occupant of the premises since in the United States at that time pornographic films were nicknamed “Blue films”.

Electoral office of Charles Palantine

Travis comes several times to meet Betsy (Cybill Shepherd), a volunteer for the senator’s campaign, in the building now occupied by a Bank of America. If you look closely, you’ll notice Martin Scorsese. The director made several appearances in this feature film (cameos). We recognize him sitting by the entrance, watching Betsy go by. At another point, he’s one of Travis’ cabbies and says he wants to kill his wife.

Hector’s cafe and diner

This diner has been open for more than half a century and frequented for many years by the workers of Meatpacking, the meat district, and has stood the test of time without changing. Did Martin Scorsese shoot the scene here where Travis meets up with his fellow taxi drivers? Most sources confirm this, but even today, some fans argue about it.

USS Maine monument

Travis attends the speech of candidate Charles Palantine (Leonard Harris) at the foot of this monument erected in 1913 in memory of the 260 sailors killed in the explosion of the USS Maine, a warship that disappeared in Havana harbour in 1898.

The Lyric Theatre

amazing story as the Lyric Theatre’s. Originally built as an opera school, it went bankrupt before opening in 1903. Later used in theatres, it was converted into a movie theatre in 1934. It is here that Travis invites Betsy to see a movie, but when she realizes that it is an erotic movie (Sometime Sweet Susan), she leaves him there. The place was completely renovated in 1996, only the facade has been preserved but its many neon lights make it very different.

Times Square

The night lights of Times Square recur in Taxi Driver. But at the time, this place, now very popular with tourists, was not as safe and had a bad reputation, like its many pornographic cinemas, which have now disappeared.

Hotel Olcott

On one of his errands, Travis transports a woman to this hotel from Times Square. Founded in 1930, the Olcott Hotel has been home to many celebrities such as ukulele-accompanied singer Tiny Tim and producer and songwriter Rick Hendrix. This is also where Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s killer, stayed in October 1980 before committing his crime.

The Saint Regis

In the last scene, Betsy leaves the hotel and gets into Travis’s taxi for one last ride with him. He’ll give it to her.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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