New York: Top 10 filming locations for Men in Black

Men in Black is an offbeat sci-fi comedy that offers a fresh take on New York City, which has become a playground for wacky aliens. And if normally we don't remember anything after the MIBs, some places are still clearly visible. Follow the guide.

Men in Black 1

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504 Battery Place New York
504 Battery Place New York – Photo credit: Fantrippers

The mythical entrance to the MIB HQ is in reality one of the ventilation towers of the Holland Tunnel, providing one of the two underground road links between Manhattan and New Jersey. The interior of the headquarters was created in Sony studios in Los Angeles. The decorators had to give it a style resembling an airport of the 60s. The examination room is directly inspired by JFK’s TWA terminal.

Address: 504 Battery Place, New York, USA

Battery Park

Battery Park - Men in Black
Battery Park – Men in Black

After his first visit to MIB headquarters, Agent J (Will Smith) sits in the park across the street to take stock of the new world that is opening up to him.

Address: Battery Park, New York, USA

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Designed by architects Philip Johnson and Lev Zetlin for the 1964 World’s Fair, the towers of the New York State Pavilion are shaped like flying saucers. That was all it took for the MIB writers to make the leap, turning the park into a landing site for the aliens. One of the ships even crashes into the Unisphere, the gigantic 42-metre-high sculpture of the globe.

In very bad condition, the towers cannot be visited and were almost destroyed a few years ago. A citizen movement managed to save them. They are now being restored.

Address: Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York, USA

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The first pursuit between Agent J and an alien takes place in this magnificent museum of modern art designed by the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Its particularity is that it has a helix structure: the visitor enters from the top and gradually descends to the ground floor via a slightly sloping ramp.

Address: 1071 5th Avenue, New York, USA

Men in Black 2

Empire Diner

Empire Diner - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Empire Diner – Photo credit: Fantrippers

Agent J and his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) share a meal before he is “neuralyzed”. The Empire is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dinners in Manhattan and appears in many films and series. Its interior decoration has been totally redesigned in 2011.

Address: 210 10th Avenue, New York, USA

Grand Central

Their investigation leads the MIBs to Grand Central, a station housing a whole people in locker C-18 of their locker room.

Address: 89 East 42nd Street, New York, USA

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Statue of Liberty – Photo credit: Fantrippers

The torch of the statue hides a giant Neuralyzer to erase the memory of the New Yorkers so that they forget the fight that just took place.

Address: Liberty Island, New York, USA

Famous Ben’s Pizza

Famous Ben's Pizza - Men in Black 2
Famous Ben’s Pizza – Men in Black 2

On the spot, a poster of the film reminds us that a scene was shot in this pizzeria with generous and cheap shares.

Address: 177 Spring Street, New York, USA

Men in Black 3

Cosmic Lanes

Cosmic Lanes - Men in Black 3
Cosmic Lanes – Men in Black 3

The front of the Van Nest Lanes is used for the front of the Cosmic Lanes bowling alley.

Address: 1756 Bronxdale Avenue, Bronx, New York, USA

Chrysler Building

To save Agent K, Agent J jumps from the Chrysler Building to travel back in time to 1969.

Address: 405 Lexington Avenue, New York, USA

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By Damien Duarte

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Passionné par la culture pop depuis son enfance, ses références vont de Donald Duck à Batman en passant par Marty McFly. Fantripper dans l'âme, voyager sur les traces de Ghostbusters, James Bond ou des héros de romans comme Cotton Malone fait partie d'un séjour idéal et réussi !

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