New York: Top 10 Daredevil locations

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Having gone blind saving a man when he was nine years old, Matthew Murdock developed his other senses in a phenomenal way to become a formidable fighter. Lawyer by day, he becomes the demon of Hell's Kitchen by night to fight against injustice in this crime-ridden neighbourhood.

Daredevil, New York’s superhero…

Daredevil defends New York at the risk of his life. Follow in the footsteps of the Hell’s Kitchen demon with the New York guide to the 1000 cult places in movies, series, music, comics and novels.

1. Nelson & Murdock

363 S 4th Street - Photo credit: Fantrippers
363 S 4th Street – Photo credit: Fantrippers

The law firm of Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is not located in Hell’s Kitchen. Instead, you will have to go to Williamsburg to discover this building visible in the series. Its style fits well with that of an office where the two partners have few resources.

Address: 363 S 4th St, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2. Josie’s, Daredevil’s bar

Josie's - Daredevil
Josie’s – Daredevil

In reality, Matt, Foggy and Karen Page’s (Deborah Ann Woll) favorite bar is in Brooklyn, a long way from Hell’s Kitchen where it’s supposed to be. This is where they like to meet and where Foggy and Karen drink the famous “eel”. Although the façade is quite different from the series, the interior and the atmosphere of the Turkey’s Nest are totally in line with Josie’s bar.

Address: Turkey’s Nest, 94 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York, USA

3. Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery - Photo credit: Fantrippers
Green-Wood Cemetery – Photo credit: Fantrippers

After his abduction, The Punisher is held prisoner in the catacombs of the Green-Wood Cemetery. Daredevil’s coming to free him. They then wait for the police near the Crescent Water Pond. This huge cemetery dating from 1838 has an imposing Gothic double arch at its portal.

Address: 500 25th St, Brooklyn, New York, USA

4. Residence of Wilson Fisk, nemesis of Daredevil

Wilson Fisk’s (Vincent D’Onofrio) building is unveiled in episode 8 of season 1. The crime boss of Hell’s Kitchen occupies one of the luxurious apartments in this beautiful and modern Chelsea building. Built in 2008, it has fourteen floors and a rooftop garden.

Address: 166 W 18th St, New York, USA

5. Bronx Supreme Court

This veritable courthouse, built in a modern art style and inaugurated in 1934, is the scene of the trial of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), alias the Punisher. A nine-storey building, it has the particularity of having four identical facades.

Address: 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York, USA

6. Brooklyn college

Brooklyn college - Daredevil
Brooklyn college – Daredevil

When Foggy learns that Matt is Daredevil, an episode goes back to the origin of their friendship. The scene where they are both drunk was shot in front of Brooklyn College’s Laguardia Hall Library, built in 1937.

Address: 2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York, USA

7. Central Park carousel, a ride in Daredevil

Forest Park Carousel - Wikimedia Commons photo by Jim.henderson
Forest Park Carousel – Wikimedia Commons photo by Jim.henderson

Don’t look for the merry-go-round that Castle regularly comes to Central Park to watch! It’s actually in Queens, where it’s part of our heritage. Dating back to 1903, this carousel was brought back from Dracut, Massachusetts in 1972 following the Forest Park fire in 1966. It is one of the last two existing rides built by the Muller brothers.

Address: Forest Park Carousel, Queens, New York, USA

8. Rockefeller Garden

Rockefeller Roof Gardens New York
Rockefeller Roof Gardens New York – Photo Wikimedia Commons by Jwilly77

The meeting between Wilson and Madame Gao (Wai Ching Ho) takes place in this garden located on one of the rooftops of Rockefeller Center. This place also appears in Spider-Man but is unfortunately not open to the public, it can be seen from the Top of the Rock.

Address: Rockefeller Plaza, New York, USA

9. Panna II Garden

Panna II Garden - Daredevil
Panna II Garden – Daredevil

Matt and Karen are finally dining one-on-one in this Indian restaurant with a unique atmosphere. The multitude of coloured lamps gives the place a beautiful romantic atmosphere.

Address: 93 1st Avenue #2, New York, USA

10. Calvary Cemetery

Killed in the final battle with The Hand in the second season, Elektra (Élodie Yung) is buried in the Calvary cemetery. Opened in 1848, it is the largest in the United States and has more than three million burials. Offering a view of the tombs with the Manhattan skyline in the background, the first of its sections (First Calvary Cemetery) has been filmed many times.

Address: 4902 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside, New York, USA

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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