New York: Louie's Top 10 Shooting Locations

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Louie’s New York

Feel like following in Louie’s footsteps? Use your New York guide to the 1000 cult places in movies, series, music, comics and novels.

Comedy Cellar

Visible many times in the credits and often at the beginning of the episode, the venue in which Louie (Louis C.K.) performs his shows is considered the best stand-up establishment in New York. The Olive Tree Cafe, the restaurant upstairs, also appears. It offers very good value for money and many artists dine there after their show.

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Carolines on Broadway

The second New York stand-up venue, where Louie performs regularly, is larger than the Comedy Cellar. This is where the New York Comedy Festival takes place every year in November.

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Late Show

For episodes 10 to 12 of season 3, CBS television is considering replacing David Letterman, the presenter of the mythical Late Show since 1993. Feeling pressured to take over, Louie has an audition with Jack Dahl, then played by David Lynch. Since then, David Letterman retired on May 20, 2015 in a final show watched by 13.76 million viewers. Stephen Colbert succeeded him. You can attend the recording of this very popular show. It’s free, but even with a ticket, you have to be among the first because the show is overbooking to make sure that the front rows are well filled.

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Organic Deli & Grocery

The funniest scene of season 1 takes place in this grocery store where Louie, disguised as a policeman for a role, goes to buy donuts. When robbers arrive, the store manager asks him for help.

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Ben’s pizzeria

In the opening credits, Louie walks down the street and takes a break in this pizzeria open since 1956 before going to the Comedy Cellar, a few steps away.

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Mojo coffee / the Elk

After an evening that is a little too drunk, Louie orders a coffee and discovers that the waitress and the customers speak an incomprehensible language. The original Mojo Coffee is now called The Elk.

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Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal

In episode 9 of season 1, Louie follows the little kaid who ruined his date. He takes the Staten Island ferry to meet the young man’s parents. The latter then hit their son, forcing Louie to intervene, before being thrown out of the house.

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Louie and his two daughters share breakfast and a great time in this Ukrainian restaurant open since 1954 whose name means “rainbow”. A true institution, it has received numerous awards and appears in films, series, songs and comic strips.

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Community Bookstore

In season 3, Louie meets Liz (Parker Posey) in this bookstore. He tries to seduce her with a monologue as honest as it is disarming. Offering used books since 1971, the Community Bookstore is highly appreciated by the people of the neighbourhood. You may not find your next fling there, but it’s definitely a good book.

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Washington Square Park

This beautiful park is the perfect place to feel good. Unfortunately, this will not be enough for Louie to seduce Pamela (Pamela Adlon) in episode 13. This single mother tells him that she does not want to go out with him because he has children.

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By Anthony Thibault

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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