New York: Top 10 of Mad Men filming locations


Commended for its authenticity and visual style, the Mad Men series paints a realistic picture of America in the 60s. Critically acclaimed and winner of numerous awards, the series plunges deep into the world of advertising in New York of the Sixties.

Mad Men in New York

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Guide New York of 1000 cult movies, series, musics, comics and novels locations

Sterling Cooper

Roger Sterling (John Slattery) and Bert Cooper’s (Robert Morse) agency is officially located at this address during the first three seasons.  Even if Sterling Cooper is of course a fictional advertising agency, the district includes many very real ones.  In the 60s, most of them were on Madison Ave. The contraction with the term “Ad men”, designating the men working in advertising, gives Mad Men which rapidly became common usage.

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Grand Central Oyster Bar

Roger and Don Drapper (Jon Hamm) perform a veritable oyster and cocktail orgy in this New York institution located in Grand Central since 1913.  Drunk and sick after this extravagant meal, Roger ends up vomiting everything he had ingurgitated on the carpet and the feet of potential clients.

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P.J Clarke's

Be it in reality or in the series, the Mad Men of New York get together regularly in this restaurant-bar founded in 1884 by Patrick J. Clark, an Irish immigrant.  In the 60s the building lost its two top floors of the four original ones.  In Season 1, the creative staff of the Sterling Cooper agency go there, primarily to celebrate Peggy Olsen’s (Elisabeth Moss) promotion.

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The Pierre, A Taj Hotel

When McCann Erickson buys the company, Don and certain colleagues form their own agency, temporarily housed in suite 435 of this high-end hotel.

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In contention for a contract with Honda, Don decides to get to know Asian culture and so takes Bethany Van Nyes (Anna Camp) to dine in this restaurant founded in 1964 by Hiroaki Aoki, a Japanese chef.  At that time there were only four tables.  A critic from the New York Herald Tribune changes the destiny of the establishment where everything is cooked at the customers’ table in a theatrical manner.  The place becomes very busy and popular with celebrities such as the Beatles or Mohamed Ali.

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New York Athletic Club

Don drives out his inner demons in season 4 by swimming in the pool of this sports club, founded in 1868 and counting more than 230 Olympic medals won by the members since its creation.

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The Roosevelt Hotel

After his divorce from Betty (January Jones), Don spends a few nights in this magnificent hotel of which the bar, the Madison Club Lounge, was also used for some scenes.

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Keens Steakhouse

Open since 1885, this former meeting place for smokers possesses one of the biggest pipe collections in the world (around 50,000 items), all hanging from the ceiling.  There is also an enormous choice of pure malt whiskies to sip near one of the two large fireplaces.

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Don Draper's Apartment

In season 4, when he’s dating Faye Miller (Cara Buono), then leaves her for Megan Calvet (Jessica Paré), Don lives in this beautiful 16-storey Art deco building erected in 1928 and housing 76 apartments.  He moves later on to set up house with his new conquest at 783 Park Ave.

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Bureaux Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

When Don founds a new advertising agency with his new associates, it occupies two floors of this 1959 building, formerly belonging to the editor of Times and Life magazines.

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The big room with its numerous caricatures of American artistes takes you deep into another epoch.  Situated in the theatre district Sardi’s has welcomed many celebrities since 1927.  Don has a date here with Bobbie Barrett (Melinda McGraw) and meets Rachel Menken (Maggie Siff) and her new husband.

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