9 New York filming locations in the John Wick saga


New York in the theater for the bloody vengeance of Keanu Reeves alias John Wick in this trilogy as dark as it is brutal. The role of the city goes well beyond a simple background drop. Here, it caters to the hero’s determination and bathes his quest for justice with baroque grandeur.

John Wick

Continental Hotel

1 Wall Street Court, New York, USA

The Continental Hotel is a refuge for all kinds of hired killers. The golden rule: bloodshed is forbidden or else it’s your turn to be excommunicated and chased. It’s here that John Wick (Keanu Reeves) comes to reconnect with his former contacts. The façade visible on screen is that of the Beaver Building, also called Cocoa Exchange. This building evokes the famous Flatiron because of its triangular form. Today it’s home to a sushi restaurant of the Haru Sushi chain. The interior of the Continental, and in particular the lobby, is that of the Cunard Building situated at 25 Broadway.

St Francis Xavier Church

225 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA

John Wick goes into this church and wastes no time opening fire on members of the Russian mafia. St. Francis Xavier Church is sadly famous for having been the theater of a panic movement that caused the death of seven people in 1877.

Calvary Cemetery

49-02 Laurel Hill Boulevard, Woodside, New York, USA

While he’s at his wife’s funeral, John Wick meets Marcus (Willem Dafoe), an old friend. More than three million people are buried in this enormous cemetery in Queens which has the cinematographic advantage of a breathtaking view over the New York skyline. A scene from the Godfather also took place here. The actor Joe Spinell, seen in Maniac and Rocky as well as Joseph Lanza, a member of the Genovese mafia, are laid to rest here.

John Wick 2

Brooklyn Bridge

John Wick and his new dog walk to the Continental Hotel and cross the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s estimated that about 4.000 pedestrians, 2.600 cyclists and 125.000 motorized vehicles go over this illustrious edifice every day.

Bowery King Aviary

135 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Enigmatic personality, the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) raises pigeons on the roof of this building. Despite his title of King of the Bowery, in reality the character reigns from the top of a building in Brooklyn. A location that offers a fantastic view of Manhattan Bridge.

Bethesda Terrace

72 Terrace Drive, New York, USA

Being forced to break the golden rule at the Continental Hotel, John Wick must deal with the sentence pronounced by Winston (Ian McShane), manager of the establishment. It’s at the Bethesda Terrace that Wick learns there’s going to be a price on his head. Pursued, he runs away, goes under the terrace arches and continues his getaway along the Mall in Central Park.

John Wick Parabellum

Continental Hotel

One Hanson Place, Brooklyn, New York, USA

John Wick comes back to the Continental Hotel while all the hired killers in the city are on his heels. In this third movie of the saga we discover some new rooms in the establishment. The film crews set up in the premises of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank for the scenes taking place in the formerly hidden parts of the Continental.

Doyers Street

Wounded, John is looking for a doctor but it’s not long before he’s once again up against killers in this very popular Chinatown street. It used to be nicknamed Bloody Angle due to the presence of the Tong gang in the 1930s. In 1994, Doyers Street was even the street where the highest number of violent crimes in the USA took place. Today it’s a very safe street. Another-world experience guaranteed in the heart of New York!

New York Public Library

476 5th Avenue, New York, USA

While looking for a special book, John wick is attacked by a killer. It’s the beginning of a savage clash in the rows of book shelves. John Wick 3 contains a neat reference to Matrix. When the hero is trying to get some weapons, we can hear him say "Guns. Lots of Guns", which is exactly the same line as in the Wachowski movie. By way of anecdote, John kills 94 people in this work, compared to “only” 77 in the first movie. However, he eliminates 128 in the second. “Parabellum” comes from the famous Latin phrase "Si vis pacem, para bellum" which means "If you want peace, prepare for war", but it’s also a weapon, the Luger P08 otherwise called the Luger Parabellum. The ammunition for this weapon, the 9mm Parabellum, is used for a large number of pistols and most machine pistols.

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