Money Heist and Inside Man, same battle


What do Inside Man and Money Heist (also known by the original title La Casa de Papel) have in common? The Netflix series and the 2006 movie seem to be fighting the same battle.

Money Heist vs Inside Man

Money Heist, it was the series event of 2017, whose grand comeback is expected on the 29th September, 2019.  Why talk about a 2006 movie taking place in New York and a 2018 series with Madrid for a setting?

The plot similarities between the two works are quite disturbing.  In Inside Man, four armed and hooded robbers enter the Manhattan Trust Bank, block all the exits and take some employees and customers as hostages.  An extremely well-thought out plan that bewilders inspector Frazier (Denzel Washington).  The police agent wonders what exactly the robbers were after.  They don’t seem to have pried the safes to take money but rather seem to be after a specific object.

Armed, hooded robbers entering a building to steal something and very well organized?  For sure, in Money Heist, what the robbers are after is money.  However, not the money of ordinary folk but the money freshly printed in the national mint, robbing the state rather than the people.  This part of the story is similar to Inside Man.

And it’s not the feature film that inspired Alex Pina, the series creator.  For the character of Tokyo, the producer and screenwriter modeled after Matilda, the young girl played by Natalie Portman in Léon: The Professional.  Haircut and character, Matilda and Tokyo are almost twins.

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