Mary Poppins in London, a story that goes way back


The most famous nanny in cinema is back in Mary Poppins Returns with a choice cast and of course in the emblematic city of London

Mary Poppins in London, a pleonasm

Mary Poppins and London go hand in hand.  We can’t imagine the most famous nanny in cinema laboring in any other town than the British capital.

In the 1965 version, Mary Poppins, played by Julie Andrews, whisks by Big Ben on her way to the Banks residence.  She brings an amazing and enchanted universe to the children whose parents are too busy to be concerned about them.

Unfortunately, the first film was shot almost entirely in studios, recreating the London settings and evoking the location by means of a few scenes actually filmed in the capital.  Amongst them, we especially recognize Saint-Paul cathedral.

Return to her roots for Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Returns remedies this slight inconvenience.  The super nanny, played by Emily blunt, comes back to London 10 years later to save, once again, the situation in the Banks family.   Only this time the children have grown up, and Mary Poppins is going to have to help their descendants.  A veritable family affair.

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Mary Poppins Returns is different from its predecessor in terms of shooting locations.  Amongst them we can see Buckingham Palace in the fog during a magic bike ride or even the Bank of England, in front of which parade numerous cars from the 1930s.  The Bank of England still holds an important place in the sequel, but this new version hasn’t left out the other areas of London such as Blossom Street and Fleur de Lis Street for the many Victorian-style houses, ideal for the period of the film.

While waiting for the release on DVD of the feature film about cinema’s most magical governess, whisk yourself off to London in the footsteps of your favorite heroine.