A fake store dedicated to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in London


Netflix knows how to get people talking about their new movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. In London, some residents have had the pleasure to see a store pop up that’s dedicated to the world of this new interactive feature film.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch version shopping

Imagine taking the London tube one morning, going down into your usual station, and coming face-to-face with a store appeared out of nowhere and dedicated to your favourite film.

Well that’s what Londoners using Old Street Station discovered early January.  A « Tucker’s Newsagent & Games » store has been set up for an unlimited duration, in one of the shopping outlets in the tube station.  Video game posters, vinyl record display, 1980s style shelving, we can perfectly imagine Stefan, the hero of the film, in this shop.

However, the shop is unfortunately a fake, a sign saying « Be Right Back » is continually on display in the window, never being taken down.

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