Highlander : Top 7 shooting locations in Paris


An Immortal from the same clan as the film hero, Duncan MacLeod is more than four-hundred years old and regularly fights sword duels against other immortals that want to eliminate him. Any immortal who manages to behead another, liberates his “quickening”, and so takes on his knowledge and powers.

Highlander in Paris, really ?

Duncan works as an antiques dealer with his life partner Tessa Noël between Seacouver, a contraction of Vancouver, a city in British Columbia, where parts of the series was filmed, and Seattle, city in the Northwest USA, and the one and only, Paris.

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Discover the Highlander filming locations in Paris

Feel like following in the footsteps of your favorite Immortal?  Fantrippers  criss-crossed the whole city to present you with the best shooting locations in the series.

Highlander in the Shakespeare & Company bookstore

The Watchers headquarters, the secret organization spying on the Immortals, is situated in this independent bookstore specializing in Anglophone literature.  What makes this place original is that sometimes they will put up travelling writers for a few nights upstairs.  In exchange they are asked to help for a few hours in the shop, read a book each day and write a one-page autobiographical sketch, with a photo.

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Carnavalet Museaum

Marcus Constantine (James Faulkner) meets his « immortal love » in this museum of Parisian history where he works.  Set up in the Carnavalet private mansion, built between 1548 and 1560, the municipal establishment has been open since 1880 and offers 10,000m2 of exhibits.

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Sacré-Coeur Basilica

Accompanied by his friend Fitzcairn (Roger Daltrey), Duncan (Adrian Paul) observes a parallel universe in which he doesn’t exist.  In this universe, Tessa (Alexandra Vandernoot), whom he loves deeply, is alive but unfortunately with someone else.  Built between 1875 and 1923, the basilica is the second most visited religious monument in Paris with close to 11 million tourists every year. 

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Highlander at the Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre Church

Former merciless fighter, Darius (Werner Stocker) is an immortal more than 1,500 years old who’s decided to withdraw from combat.  Today a priest, he looks after mortals in difficulty in this church built in the Middle Ages, around 1160, at the same time as the Notre-Dame of Paris cathedral.  It happens to be the third oldest church in the capital, and it was built on the same site as another, dating from 507, but destroyed by the Normans during the siege of Paris (885-887).

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Alex-Biscarre Square

Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen) and Duncan go to an antiques dealer to recover the last power crystal that Luther doesn’t have and cross this square which is the former garden of the private mansion found at 27 place Saint-Georges.  Built starting from 1827, it was the home of Adolphe Thiers (1797-1877) after his marriage in 1833 with Elise Dosne, the daughter of the former mansion owner.  It’s here that the second President of the French Republic (1871-1873) wrote his impressive Histoire du Consulat et de l’Empire ( History of the Consulat and the Empire).

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Highlander on the Bateaux-Mouches

Being followed, Duncan jumps from the quay onto a bateau-mouche (a Seine river boat) where Tessa is with a group of tourists.  The 630 meter-long Port de la Conférence is today home to boats destined for tourism, but in the past, it was here that Saint-Leu stones were unloaded to be used for constructing the beautiful Parisian private mansions.

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Place des Vosges

Assaulted in a walled garden, Duncan is rescued by Richie (Stan Kirsch).  The two immortals then go through the arches surrounding this square considered to be the oldest in Paris.  Victor Hugo lived at number 6, Georges Simenon at 21 and Francis Blanche at 16. An historical footnote, during the Revolution, this square was the site for many beheadings… the only way to kill an immortal in the series!

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