Money Heist season 3: shooting in progress in Southeast Asia


The Spanish series you shouldn’t have missed this year, Money Heist, is coming back for a third season with international locations.

Money Heist, shooting in progress in Southeast Asia

Impossible not to have heard about the Money Heist, even the name. The Spanish series has been a great success throughout the world. Between the famous red suits, the Dali mask or even the song Bella Ciao sung by a choir of artists from the world over, the series has made itself a subject of conversation.

The story of criminals with nothing left to lose who go for the ultimate break-in orchestrated by an individual of outstanding intelligence, and nicknamed “El Profesor” – The Professor, has managed to get the best of most current series and has surprised the entire world. Astonishing, intelligent and full of surprises, Money Heist, has become a reference to such a point that Funko has decided to bring out Pop figurines, effigies of the series protagonists, a first for a Spanish production.

Avalaible here.

Season two is enhanced with an explosive and spectacular finale. To everyone’s surprise, Netflix has renewed the series for a third season. Everybody, including the actors, has had some doubts about this. However, Alvaro Morte, who plays The Professor, felt obliged to reassure fans. Having read the script, he confirms that it is excellent and that season three will be worthy of the first two, according to the Spanish news site Look.

As a matter of fact, the shooting has already started in Southeast Asia and will go to numerous other locations around the world, for the time being kept secret.

In the meantime you can always follow the footsteps of your favorite burglars in Madrid to re-see the National Mint and Stamp Factory, the professor’s hangar or even the places visible in inspector Murillo’s inquiry. Ciao Bella.

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