Fantastic Beasts 3: the broomstick sweeps through Austria?


After New York during the first opus, Paris and a touch of London in the second, what destination does J.K. Rowling have in store for us for the adventures of the third?

Fantastic Beasts 3 in Austria ?

During the first feature film Fantastic Beasts, viewers were able to admire the beautiful city of New York from every angle, magical or muggle depending on the viewpoints. The Woolworth building, former City Hall station and even the Central Park Zoo, the Big Apple put on its sorcery Sunday best for the arrival of Newton « Newt » Artemis Fido Scamander on the American continent as we explained in our Guide to New York – 1000 cult locations in movies, series, music, comics, novels.

Paris is the key city in the second movie of the saga. With the French Ministry of Magic (mentioned in our Guide to Paris – 1000 cult locations in movies, series, music, comics, novels) where the City of Light transformed to welcome Newt and his animals, each one as fantastic as the next.

So, what will be the third destination for the adventures of our dearest Magizoologist? In the final film we can see the famous Nurmengard castle, a prison for sorcerers located in the Austrian Alps. One clue is not enough? J.K. Rowling had fun divulging no less than 28 on Twitter. Amongst these numerous little gems, the author replied “5. Five. Cinq. Fünf. Cinco. Cinque” to a curious fan wanting to know the number of movies in the saga. English for the first, French for the second, the third in German, one of the official languages in Austria, a logical series.

As for the last two numbers sounding a bit Latin-like, the first brings to mind Spanish or Portuguese. Not too long ago Rowling posted a photo of Rio de Janeiro in the 1930s and amusingly Tweeted that she still makes spelling mistakes when writing the Brazilian capital even though she’s written it many times. Another major clue for the story-to-come?

As for the last, the Italian root is obvious, but where will the former student of Hufflepuff be taken to ? Make your bets!