15 legendary model cars from movies and series. Why not treat yourself?


There are mythical objects, buildings you must see, but also legendary cars. Who has never dreamed of being at the wheel of one of those mind-blowing cars from the small and big screen? Make your wishes come true; acquire a legendary car…on a smaller scale.

By car, but a legend car!

Driving a legendary car of cinema or tv show, an idea having to germinate in each of the heads. Here are 15 to have absolutely in your bookcase, on his desk or near his television.

1- Ecto 1 in Ghostbusters

L'Ecto 1 de S.O.S Fantômes


To know which car is the most mythical is a difficult task indeed, but the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters is definitely in the running. Behind the wheel of this former ambulance, the New York phantom hunters speed straight into danger, siren blaring and proton cannons ready to fire. Thanks to our Guide to New York – 1000 cult locations in movies, series, music, comics, novels, you can even take a picture of it in front of where it was immortalized on the big screen. So, who you gonna call? Avalaible here.

2- The DeLorean in Back to the future

La DeLorean de Retour vers le futur


Not so sure you’ll get to 88 miles an hour with this machine, but in any case, give it a try with the car that’s legendary for all 80s pop culture fans. You’ll even be able to reply like Marty McFly: Let’s see, circuit plugged in, temporal convector…..timeout, run the engine, it’s going!". Avalaible here.

3- KITT in K2000

KITT de K2000


High-tech modern crime fighter Michael Knight with his superb smart car, now there’s a heck of a duo. Don’t expect any good advice from your figurine, but have a great time contemplating it. Avalaible here.

4- The Aston Martin in James Bond

Aston Martin DB5 de James Bond


If I say James Bond, what comes to mind? Multiple possibilities, but Aston Martin will be first amongst them. The mythical DB5, seen again and again in the saga, and more recently in Skyfall, is the car everyone needs. Delivered without gadgets. Available here.

5- The Batmobile in Batman

La Batmobile de Batman


A super-hero must have at least one vital item and Batman is the hero that has the most. Batarang, multi-function belt, grappling hook, but also the Batmobile. The ultimate super-hero car, the Batmobile will let you weave through Gotham at the speed of sound minimum. Available here.

6- The campervan in Breaking Bad

Le camping car de Breaking Bad


Above all, drugs are bad. But the campervan in Breaking Bad, that is really cool. The famous methamphetamine laboratory in the equally hallucinating series can’t hold too many barrels, but amazing all the same. Avalaible here.

7- The Ford Mustang in Bullitt

Mustang de Bullitt


At full pelt in the streets of San Francisco, the high-speed chase of Bullitt is legendary, especially thanks to the superb Mustang driven by Steve McQueen. Avalaible here.

8- The van in The A-Team

Le Van GMC de l'Agence tous risques


The A-Team van, it’s truly the last chance at the last second, be it for a present or a treat for oneself. With your best-looking cigar, or your biggest gold chain, your van will take you to all four corners of the country to become the ultimate enemy of bad guys. Avalaible here.

9- The Nissan Skyline in Fast and Furious

La Nissan Skyline dans Fast and Furious


The saga Fast and Furious is emblematic but which car to choose among all the ones the heroes buy, sell, destroy, steal…The Nissan Skyline is one of the most obvious choices. Present in the short film The turbo-charged prelude establishing the link between the first film and the sequel, the Nissan Skyline is a legend of street races, and probably one of the most beautiful cars driven by the late Paul Walker. Avalaible here.

10- The Ford Gran Torino in Starsky & Hutch

La Ford Gran Torino de Starsky & Hutch


The Ford Gran Torino is in itself an institution. And when in addition it’s associated with a series as incredible but also unique as Starsky & Hutch, how can you resist? Difficult to slide over the hood of this one, but in the display cabinet, it’ll be something. Avalaible here.

11- The Pursuit Special in Mad Max

La Pursuit Special de Mad Max


In terms of police bad asses, Max Rockatansky, wins first prize. Driver emeritus, outstanding cop, in his Pursuit Special he tears away at the road and anything else that gets in his way. Avalaible here.

12- The Dodge Charger « General Lee » in The Dukes of Hazzard

Le Dodge Charger General Lee de Sherif fais moi peur

Dixie musical horn, a confederate flag, this car is off to a bad start with its confederate references, but the series, and this dodge charger, remain mythical and inescapable. Careful though not to pour contraband alcohol in the tank of your new acquisition. Avalaible here.

13- The Volkswagen « Herbie » in The Love Bug

Choupette de Un amour de coccinelle


Full of character and mood, Herbie is a lady bug that doesn’t fly, but defends herself on the tarmac. With her friend and driver Jim Douglas, Herbie wins the most prestigious competitions, much to the discontent of her adversaries. Avalaible here.

14- The Chevrolet Camaro « Bumble Bee » in Transformers

La Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee de Transformers


Right out of the movie Transformers : The Last Knight, the famous Chevrolet Camaro took on a change of style for the event, and she’s great to look at. In a timeless classic yellow, nothing is as good as a tough battle against the Decpticons. Avalaible here.

15- Eleanor in Gone in 60 seconds

La Shelby GT500 Eleanor de 60 secondes chrono

The second version of Eleanor is sublime, even if the remake she appears in is not the best. On board the sublime Shelby Mustang GT500, Memphis makes a spectacular escape from the police. A car to have in your collection, without stealing. Avalaible here.