Follow the footsteps of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros studios in London


Since 2012, the Warner Bros studios in London, more precisely in Leavesden, are providing Potterheads the chance to plunge into the universe of sorcery by visiting movie sets of the most famous witch in the world. A magical world revelation.

Warner Bros Studio Tour Harry Potter, so magic

Warner Bros, one of the biggest production companies in the world, sniffed out a good deal when they said yes to the Harry Potter films. Eight films and millions of fans, the young sorcerer knew the way to become a pop culture icon. Even though the streets of London are already enough to fill a tour sporting Harry Potter colors, the production company decided to open the doors of its studios in order to welcome the plentiful fans and to show them the sets, accessories and costumes of the saga.

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Offering an immersion experience into the universe of one of the most mythical epics in cinema requires space, and it’s at the Leavesden studios that Warner Bros decided to create their special Harry Potter complex. On the program, three hours of intensive visits on the theme of wizardry.

 La salle de bal de Poudlard aux studios Warner Bros de Leavesden

You’ll be able to gaze in wonder at the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Decorated for the Yule Ball, the spectacular mythical hall is where all the students would gather and dine, or in this context, dance.

Le bureau de Dumbledore dans Harry Potter

A visit with the Headmaster is never really a pleasure, but when it’s in the office of the wise and powerful Dumbledore, being summoned doesn’t have quite the same effect.

La Forêt Interdite dans Harry Potter

Inaugurated in 2017, the latest exposition lets you penetrate the dark and dangerous Forbidden Forest. Home to Hippogriffs, Centaurs and other magical creatures it turns out to be as terrifying as thrilling.

La boutique d'Olivander dans le chemin de Traverse Harry Potter

Need to do a bit of shopping? Before getting to the boutique at the end of your visit, don’t hesitate to browse around Diagon Alley, the famous shopping street where a witch can find everything s/he needs.

Le Magicobus dans Harry Potter

You’d like to go to the studios and the famous Knight Bus does respond to your hails? If you are staying in London during your trip, there are two Muggle solutions. The first is to reserve a seat in a Golden Tour bus, but the cheapest remains the second. From Euston station in London, take a Northwestern Railway train to the Watford Junction station. From there, a bus with Harry Potter colors will take you straight to the Holy Grail, the Leavesden studios. Cost of the operation? 20 pounds per person return compared to around 40 pounds with Golden Tour.

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And what’s more important, don’t forget to brandish your scarf in the colors of your favorite house, so that you can reveal to all the other witches your true essence!