Black Mirror Bandersnatch : the thriller film shooting locations


Released December 28th, 2018 on the Netflix streaming platform, Bandersnatch is an interactive movie where the audience makes decisions for the main character, Stefan Butler.

Bandersnatch filmed in Croydon

Filmed for a large part in Croydon, the end-of-the-year’s most captivating feature film reveals some shooting locations, depending on the life choices that you impose on Stefan.  Whatever the decision taken, two fanspots stand out.

No 1 Croydon

Building No 1 Croydon in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Frosties or Sugar Puffs, Thompson twins or Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 2, Stefan finds himself facing Croydon tower No. 1, which houses the Tuckersoft headquarters.  This video game company, whose fictive internet site can be viewed here, is at the heart of the intrigue, and decisive in the life of the hero who works in this famous tower also called the 50p building.  The inhabitants of Croydon think the building looks like a pile of 50 pence coins, not quite an accurate comparison as we can see the building is octagonal but the coins are heptagonal.  If this building rings a bell, it’s probably because you’ve seen it in the opener of the Terry and June sitcom broadcast in the 1980s.

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St George’s Walk

A crucial choice takes place in one of the shops on St George’s Walk, a shopping street redecorated in a 1980s style for the occasion.  The Bermuda Triangle or Phaedra, Stefan’s future is determined by his vinyl record purchase.

This shopping concourse, however, almost didn’t appear in the feature movie produced by Netflix.  A 2006 project forecast its destruction in 2011 in order to build the Park Place shopping mall.  In May 2009, the municipality shelved the project due to financial difficulties and expired authorizations. 

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If you want to prolong the experience, know that one of the alternatives shows Stefan with a cassette of his game.  When he listens to it with his player, the cassette plays some very anxiety-provoking sounds.  This sequence is in no way trivial.  Some viewers extracted this audio, put it into an emulator and discovered a QR Code.  This code allows you to go to the Tuckersoft site, in particular the Nohzdyve page, download it using an emulator EX Spectrum, and play.

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